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Did you know that any club in your league can have its own website on TT365 for free?

Did you know that any club in your league can have access to membership manager, for just their members which would help cut down your workload at the start of the season?

Did you know that clubs can turn on ranking too and benefit from a club ranking list?

Did you know clubs can also use our email module?

Did you know that clubs can manage their OWN membership subscriptions using the TT365 club membership subscription module that was released a few months ago? Players can even renew their club membership online via the club website.

We also have lots of new tools planned for clubs over the next few years, so now is a great time to start telling your clubs about these opportunities.

So, if you would spread the word to your affiliated clubs, we would very much appreciate it; we feel that this is a win win win situation for everyone, we just need a little help getting the message out there.

One seriously big reason to do it, is the website. Our research and experiences support the principle that new players looking to get into our sport search Google as their primary tool. If you type table tennis followed by any location, TT365 websites are usually always found on that first page and in most cases are first in the list. Any club or league that is not being found via this method is potentially missing out on new members, so if these websites are setup to begin with, for nothing more than a method of attracting new members to our sport, that is a great reason on its own. The other benefits should become clear over-time.

Chris Dangerfield

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The Leamington League is always ready to welcome new clubs or players and if you are interested then all the 2019-20 forms are available below.

2019-20 League Fees Document

2019-20 Players Registration Form

Entries must be in by July 15 2019

If you are a new team and need more information then first of all look at the "How to Join" section of this site and if you still need further information then contact the League secretary.


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