Open to those teams knocked out of the first round of the normal cup competition

  First round draw to be played on week commencing January 22nd 2018


                VICT.YEADON     v WHRA A
                            SULZER    v BYE
                             B.T.          v  BYE
                      PUDSEY G      v JUDEAN F
                           JUDEAN D v JUDEAN I
                              ADEL A   v JUDEAN C
                         PUDSEY C   v HORSFORTH C
                   DEWSBURY D   v ALWOODLEY
                           JUDEAN J   v JUDEAN K
                             WHRA B  v YMCA G
               JUDEAN H (Won) v DEWSBURY C (Conceded)
                               YMCA D v HORSFORTH A
                                YMCA F v ADEL B
                                YMC J    v YMCA E
                           PUDSEY H v YMCA I
                             YMCA H   v PUDSEY J

The home team should confirm the fixture with the away team.

 The rules of the competition are shown on the enclosed sheet along with the players handicap to follow.

 An example of the scoring system is also enclosed. To follow.      

    scorecard (1).pdf            


    Handicap Cup 2015-2016.pdf


2017 Final Played Monday April 10th 2017

                         Horsforth C - 321 v  B.T. - 334







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