Wilson cup handicap and draw

Psycho-Delics, Joe Sheehan, Adrian Haigh and Colin Walters  V  Crusaders E, Rob McCann, Ian Minogue and Iain Hicklin (190)

Imps, NPC David Brown team Malcolm Scott, David Shelvey and Sally Riggall (255) V  St.Peters A, Peter Banks, Peter Mackie and Tony Turner

Misfits, Nick Robinson, Lex Robinson and Danny McKay (197)  V  St. Peters B, Dave Ranshaw, Bob Dorrian and Dave Salmon

Crusaders A, Dan Otter, Matt Hewitt and Nigel Crow  V  Slappers, Clive Mitchell, Ryan Mitchell and Jonah Shepherd (140)

Keal Madrid, Nigel Keal, Finlay Keal and Harry Keal (57)  V  Crusaders B, Mick Dudman, Paul Moore and Roy Harper

Crusaders D, Mark Watson, Mark Nolan and Salv Bambino  V  St Peters C,  Peter Eccles, Peter Robson and (to be announced but arrange the match)

Assassins, David Arnold, Mick Willis and Andy Smith (109) V  Crusaders C, Bill Holmes, Daren Thorpe and Rob Trevethick.

Fantastic 5, James Wynne, Lewis MacFarlane and Ben Applewhite V  The Oddments, Dan Brown, Ian Sleight and Andy Flynn (24).

The handicaps for this round are enclosed in brackets after the team that will receive the handicap.   Matches are due to be played in week commencing 7th December but must be played before the re-commencement of the league on 4th January.  Please return the card to me or put it in the box at the Crusaders as soon as possible.

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