The L&DTTA is holding its Christmas Handicap for League players at the Crusaders TTC on Tuesday 19st December starting at 7.00pm. Entrants will be given a handicap based on their playing ability and the averages for the season.  The games will be up to 21. The entry fee is £3 and there will be cash prizes based on the number of entries.

 There will be a Plate event for those who are unfortunate enough to lose their first round match. The closing date for entries is 16th December so please put
your name on the Crusaders notice board or contact either David Brown or
David Arnold.  (preferably)


1.Sets will be the best of 3 games, each game will be played to 21 points.
2. Players have been allocated handicaps based on league averages for the season and previous known handicap form.
3. Starting scores for the games will be in accordance with the Handicap Netting off grid.
4. If a set requires a third and deciding game, the change of ends will be when the first of the following occurs: (i) the player from 0 reaches 10 points; (ii) the other player reaches the average of their starting score and 21.
5. Each player serves two serves at a time save when the starting score is an odd one, when the player serving first only has one serve.
6. Players will score their own match, taking turns at each game.


Players losing their First match will be entered into a Consolation Event.
This may be one game only of up to 21. (Because of time constraints) or if there is time, the best of three.

The Final of this event will be on a best of three game basis.

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