Wilson Cup FInal

This year's Wilson Cup final was between the Blade Runners' team of Rob McCann, Iain Hicklin and Ian Minogue and the Livelybirds trio of Betty Brown, Sally Riggall and Jackie Meadows.  The event being a sealed handicap, neither team knew who was the winner until the little brown envelope was opened at the end of the match.  The Blade Runners being the stronger team dominated the match winning all nine rubbers and scored 378 points.  The Livelybirds kept their heads up and were not too intimidated by the strong Blade Runners attack and scored 197 points.  So at the end of the match the envelope was opened to reveal the handicap of 185 points in favour of the Livelybirds, making them the winners by just four points.

Wilson Cup winners 2017 18


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