Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Lincolnshire Table Tennis Association held at the British Legion Large Hall, Lincoln on Thursday 4th February 1937

Consequent upon the success of the Haigh Coronation Cup. Lincoln represented by Messrs. Haigh, Moss, Sendall, Lidgett, Pick and Crawley , Grimsby by Messrs Parker, Blindell, and Bennett and Spalding by Mr Judge, agreed that there was no obstacle to the formation of the Lincolnshire Table Tennis Association.

Mr Bennett explained that Grimsby was very eager to pursue the lead given by Lincoln towards county unification and Mr Moss, seconded by Mr Haigh, proposed the formation of the Lincolnshire Table Tennis Association, there being no dissent. The following officials were adopted to act all the first Annual General Meeting to be held at the same venue, 8.15pm on Thursday 18thFebruary.

Mr R Blundell- chairman,   Mr L Bennett- secretary,   Mr H H Judge – Treasurer

Committee: Mr Sendall (Lincoln),   Mr Parker (Grimsby), Mr Moulson (Spalding)

The constitution put forward by Grimsby was slightly amended and it was decided that the following approved form should come into force with the Annual General Meeting:-

1. The Association shall be called the Lincolnshire Table Tennis Association and shall be affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association.

2. Membership shall be open to all affiliated leagues and clubs in Lincolnshire. The annual subscription shall be at the rate of sixpence per league club, and for each directly affiliated club, if already affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association, two shillings and sixpence, otherwise affiliation fee to the English Table tennis association extra, payable before the 1stOctober each year.

3. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an executive committee consisting of a President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary  Treasurer, and one representative appointed by each member league. This committee shall have power to fill vacancies in the official posts of the Association as they may occur. All Officers shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election and shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. This Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-committees. The Chairman and Honorary Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all the sub committees, unless rendered ineligible by other special circumstances.

4. At any meeting of the Executive committee, each officer, and the representative of  any league which has , at the date of the meeting, paid the last subscription due to the Association, shall have one vote.

5. Selection of teams to take part in county matches shall be in the hands of a selection committee to consist of five members selected annually at the Annual General Meeting, such members to be ineligible to play in the Association Team, the Chairman and Honorary secretary to be ex-0fficio without a vote.

6. Decisions and rules made by the Executive Committee shall be subject to appeal only to a General Meeting of the Association. A General Meeting shall be called within fourteen days of receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition, supported by three affiliated leagues and if not summoned by him in that time may be called by any officer.

7. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in April or May each year. Every General Meeting of the Association shall be open to any member of any club directly or indirectly affiliated to the Association. Officers of the Association and nominated representatives of directly affiliated clubs, whose subscriptions due have been paid, shall have one vote each, and nominated representatives of leagues one vote for each registered club for which their leagues have at the date of the meeting paid the last subscription due to the Association.

8. The financial year of the Association shall terminate on the 31stMarch.

9. These rules shall be altered only at a general Meeting of the Association.

10. The executive Committee shall have power to deal with any matters concerning the Association not provided for in these rules.

It was decided that Grimsby should stage the match versus Yorkshire, the team to be selected on February 18th.

The meeting was then declared closed.

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