Rules of the Haigh Coronation (Men’s), Butlin (Ladies’), Butcher

and Moran Trophy (Veteran’s) Cup Competitions

REVIEWED 20/05/2008


  1. The centres to compete in the particular competition shall be decided by the Management Committee, entry to be made in accordance with the decisions of the Annual General Meeting, the entry fee for each competition to be decided at the A.G.M. and to be payable with entry.


2.Teams shall consist of three players, each player of one team playing each player of the other team the best of three sports and one doubles rubber to be played between the 5th and 6th singles, all rubbers to be in accordance with current E.T.T.A. rules.  The team winning the majority of the rubbers shall be the winner, 2 points being awarded for a win and 1 for a draw.  If a team has not a full complement of players it shall forfeit to its opponents three rubbers for each absentee.  The visiting team shall supply the home team with the names of their three players listed X, Y, Z and the home team shall then put their players in any order A, B, C.  Subject to alteration only by agreement by both captains, the order of play shall then be A v X, B v Y, C v Z, B v X, A v Z, doubles, C v Y, B v Z, C v X, A v Y.

 The centre gaining the highest number of points in the particular competition shall be the trophy holder for one year.  All league positions shall be decided by points and in the event of a tie in points by games ratio and if still tied by sport difference and finally point difference.

  The County Association shall provide three small trophies for presentation to the players of the winning team.

Trophies for the inter-town match competitions shall be recalled to the Management Committee meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting and be engraved for the new recipients ready for presentation by the Inter-Town Match Secretary.  Failure to return these at the correct time shall incur a fine of £20.


3.Each centre shall notify the Match Secretary of their home day, on which the matches shall be played.  Matches shall be played according to the fixture list, or by mutual agreement prior to that date, and may only be postponed in exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the Match Secretary.  The home team shall notify the visiting team of the venue of the match at least three days prior to the match, which shall commence not later than 8.00pm unless agreed by the two centres.  Any team failing to fulfil a fixture shall lose the match 10 – 0 and be fined a minimum of £5.


A return journey on a weekday of more than 80 miles shall be regarded as an exceptional circumstance and the visiting team will be able to request a weekend date instead.


4.The home team shall forward a complete score sheet to both the Match Secretary and the Press Officer of the playing of the match.  Non-receipt of any score sheet within the specified time may render the centre concerned liable for a fine of £1.


5.Centres shall be responsible for reimbursing their players’ travelling expenses for away matches and for the hire of the venue and refreshments for home matches.  If all the matches of a particular competition are all at a single venue then all travelling, hire and refreshment expenses shall be pooled as with County matches.  In such an event, the away players shall all travel in one vehicle to the venue.  Mileage shall be reimbursed at 15p per mile and shall be from centre to centre.


6.The players shall not represent more than one centre in any one season, nor more than one team in any one competition in any season and shall be bona-fide members of the centre (i.e. having played a reasonable number of league matches for that centre, or having Lincolnshire residential qualifications).  Players shall be eligible for the Butcher Cup Competition if they have not played in the Haigh Coronation or Butlin Cups during the current season.  Players shall be eligible for the Veteran Cup if they satisfy the E.T.T.A. veteran age requirement.


7.With regard to the Butcher Cup Competition, it is intended that this be restricted to the leagues’ second or junior teams.  Leagues shall submit a list of names of players who it is anticipated will play in the Competition during the coming season prior to the Competition so that the Inter-Town Match Secretary can vet the names and bar any players whom he feels are of too high a standard.


8.All players in inter-town matches shall use current ITTF approved rubbers.


9.The Management Committee shall be responsible for the administration of these rules and shall have power to deal with all claims, queries and any matters not covered by these rules and to levy such fines as it deems necessary.  Any claims shall be sent to the Inter-Town Match Secretary within seven days of the occurrence, otherwise the claim shall not be entertained.  The Inter-Town Match Secretary shall forward a copy of the claim to the opposing team and the matter shall be placed on the Agenda for the next Management Committee meeting whose decision shall be final.


10.No Association may introduce local rules which impinge upon the selection of players for inter-town competitions.





                Reviewed 16/05/00

                Reviewed 22/09/05 

REVIEWED 20/05/2008 


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