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imageMatt Sheader in 2007 First International Vetts

Since I wandered into the Lincolnshire scene a few year's ago, the name of Matt Sheader has cropped up many times. I thought perhaps he was a Robin Hood type of person ,seldom seen. Many table tennis discussions in Lincoln have contained his name. so when I played against a Grimsby and Cleethopes league team last Sunday in the BJ Johnson trophy, I took the opportunity to seek further information.

I know that he has had his greatest successes in VETTS matches  and have listed below, some of his achievements,with the kind help of Derek Wood:

World Championships

Gothenburg 1982. Bronze in Men's doubles O 50 with Derek Schofield

Helsinki 1984  Gold in Men's Doubles O 50 with Derek Schofield  and Bronze in Singles O 50

Rimini 1986 Bronze in Men's Singles O 50

Baltimore 1990 Gold in Men's Doubles O 60 with Derek Schofield and Gold in O 60 Singles

Dublin Gold in Men's Doubles O 60 with Derek Schofield and Gold in Singles O 60

Melbourne 1994  Gold in Men's Doubles O 60 with Derek Schofield

European Championships

Vienna  1995  Gold Men's Doubles with Derek Schofield

Prague 1997 Silver Men's Doubles with Derek Schofield

Gothenburg 1999 Silver in Mens singles O 65 and Men's doubles with Derek Schofield

Richard Bergman the many times world champion in the 1950's was also a many times doubles partner to Matt.

Lincolnshire records

County Champion in Singles  in 1956, 1984,  and Runner Up in1974 and 1982

County Champion in Men's doubles in 1959, 1983,1995, 2000 and Runner Up in 1956,1974,1977,1978,1989

County Champion in Mixed doubles  in 1955,1984,1990 and Runner up in 1957,1960,1974,1981

Internet Post by Andy wignall:

Any of you guys have memories of playing this most delightful stylistic chopper? He taught me so much, a player who made the transition from hard bat to modern play, when many packed up. He once told me the basics of his game plan and it was totally brilliant, enabled him to be 60ish in the men's rankings when he was in his 50's, but of course some of you know, he was World Over 60's champion, played in Dublin. Such grace rarely seen.

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