Minutes of Meeting of the Management Committee held on Thursday 9th November 2017 commencing at 7.30pm at Lincoln Bowling  Club, Lincoln



Mr. G. Tyler                          Chairman/EMRDC Representative/National Councillor

Mr. D Arnold                              General Secretary & Moran & Barry Johnson Trophy

Mrs. S Tyler                        Development Officer

Mr. D Worrell                       Treasurer

Mr. D Brown                         Inter Town & Umpires secretary



LINCOLN                             Mr. D. Arnold

GRANTHAM                       Mr. S.Mableson

STAMFORD                         Mr. R Hulka






1. CHAIRMAN’S OPENING REMARKS.  The Chairman again welcomed everyone to the meeting.


   KEY CODE FOR ENTRY IS 52241 at the Bowling club


2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.   Mr. P May, Mr. S Temple, Mr. R Smith, Mr. G Lacey, Mr. B Ashwell, Mr. B Reed, Mr. J Walshe


3. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING   dated 19th September 2017. The minutes of the meeting were agreed as a correct record, proposed by Dennis Worrell and seconded by Simon Mableson.




5. SECRETARY’S REPORT AND CORRESPONDENCE – Nothing pertinent to the meeting  which would not be later discussed in the meeting.



Paid in                                                                    Paid Out

Shirts                                                                                     £280                      

Grimsby Affiliation fees                                                  £350                       Secs. Expenses                                     £10

Fines                                                                                   £30

Scunthorpe Affiliation fees                                             £170                       Knight                                                £25        

Fines                                                                                      £30                         RSSC AGM                                          £15

Grimsby HB Bat                                                                £85                         Vets Sycamore                                 £25

Lincoln Affiliation fees                                                    £200                       K Robinson Juniors                           £14.40

Stamford Affiliation fees                                                 £170                       O 60’s                                                    £30

Fines                                                                                      £10                        

Gainsborough Affiliation fees                                        £170                       RSSC AGM                                          £15

Fines                                                                                      £50                        

Grantham affiliation fees                                                                £230

Fines                                                                                   £10



Community Current Account                                      £ 3810

Business Account                                                             £2161



7. COUNTY MATCHES SECRETARY’S REPORT. None was to hand. Matches were ongoing and results would appear on the national website.


8 .INTER TOWN MATCHES SECRETARY’S – dates  are again:

Haigh Coronation cup – 11th February

Butlin Cup- 3rd December

Butcher Cup- 28th January

Moran Cup – 14th January                                                                            

Johnson Trophy- 4th March


Entries received by closing date of 1st November, after reminders sent out to all League Secretaries and Representatives were received  for all five events from Grimsby and Lincoln and from Stamford for the Moran, Butcher and Johnson events.




10. DEVELOPMENT OFFICER’S REPORT-she was in communication with Paul Johnson at Gainsborough regarding the possibility of county championships being held there.


An interesting point of possible interest to all towns was that Sevenoaks were running a Sunday pm two man team league involving six divisions and six teams in each division played at a central venue.


David Brown asked that it be noted that Lincoln run a regular Sunday evening league for non league players.


11. UMPIRES SECRETARY’S REPORT –three very young County Lincolnshire Umpires officiated at the Schools Games at a very high skill level.


12 National Councillors report

Unfortunately our chairman had been unable to attend the last NC meeting held .However from the Chairman of the meeting’s report it was stated that the Council should reunite to work together and that the various issues highlighted at the AGM had not been handled very well.

The governance review group has been set up and three applicants had been interviewed for chairman of the Independent review Panel.


 A choice had been made but not revealed as yet. No real progress as yet.

13.   EAST MIDLANDS R.D.C. REPRESENTATIVES’S REPORT. – monies held by East Midlands had been sadly moved to Table Tennis England funds!


14. The Senior Closed Championships –A likely cost would be  £180 to the County if the Championships were to be held at Gainsborough and the possibility was  considered  by the meeting. It was decided that Sylvia Tyler would consult with Paul Johnson regarding possible dates for the Championship , as Gainsborough could supply a very good venue, an organiser and referee ,and supply plus set up of tables and provide some availability of refreshments.

 She would then consult further with our committee early in the New year, before any final decision was taken.


15. Rankings- As agreed by the last meeting and supplied also by team captains they were ratified by the meeting




1.         Tom Jarvis

2.         Adam Harrison

3.         Matt Leete

4.         Nathan Butler

5.         Mark Donoghue

6.         Andy Wignall

7.         David Heppenstall

8.         Will Hornsey

9.         Liam Rowson

10.       John Hancock

11.       Jimmy Brewster

12.       Paul Johnson

13.       Sean Ward

14.       Ben Rigby



1.         Lesley Keast

2.         Hannah Winfield

3.         Darcie Proud

4.         Chloe Lingard

5.         Alkisti Olympiou

6.         Jane Ellis

7.         Alex Robinson

8.         Kris Sumner

9.         Divya Prabhu                                                                          


Lincs veteran ranking list for the 2017/18 season is;

Men(1) Mark Donoghue (2) Andy Wignall (3) Jim Brewster (4) David Heppenstall (5) John Hancock (6) Dan Rimmer (7) Pete Mackie

(8) Clive Mitchell (9) Colin Walters.

Women (1)Lesley Keast (2) Alkisti Olympiou (3) Marilyn Bawden.


Our general secretary was to E Mail John Walshe asking for an up to date Ranking for the Juniors and Cadets.


16. A.O.B. our Chairman had some concerns regarding the tabletennis365 system of fixtures and results.

He asked which towns used the system (Grimsby, Lincoln, Stamford and Gainsborough).


It appeared that a Boston registered player ,who also plays in Lincoln had not been eligible to play his match in the Lincoln league in the first week of the season because his individual registration had not been paid by him in time for the match. The chairman was concerned that no leeway had been given by Table Tennis England and the organisers of the tabletennis365 website regarding the inadvertent failure to pay his fee until the day after the match (as he was primarily a member of Boston , the Lincoln league had not used their overall payment system which paid for all their other players).


Varies pleas to Table Tennis England and the website had not been successful.


 It was agreed that minutes of Meetings and AGM minutes would now be sent out to Town colleagues in the week following any meetings as well as prior to meetings. It was likely that Minutes would be posted on the County website too.


Dates of next meeting   8/02/2018 was to be at Lincoln Indoor Bowling Club


Meeting finished at 9.30 pm








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