The Liverpool Ping Pong Parlour opened in St. John's Precinct on Saturday 10th March 2018.  It is a free facility to allow members of the public and local league players to play social table tennis.  The venue for the Ping Pong Parlour is 39 Dawson Way, Lower Level, St. Johns Precinct, Liverpool.


On Thursday 5th April 2018 Ryan Jenkins, Welsh and British TT Champion and Commonwealth Games Medallist will be attending the Ping Pong Parlour and visitors will be able to Challenge the Champion from 10am - 1pm on that day.  if you just want to see Ryan play table tennis or if you want to challenge him to a game then please attend the parlour and bring some friends.

A flyer regarding the Champions Challenge can be found in the "Download" tab on the home page. 

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