2018 / 2019
                                                                              1st Round Draw

First Round matches must be played W/C 7th January 2019.  Please remember that the order of play shall be AS PER THE SCORE CARD.  This is to ensure that a player does not have to play two consecutive games. Official starting time for matches is no later than  7-30pm.

Rule 15 If a player is not present when called upon to play he/she may be replaced by an eligible reserve player if available.  Sets played in order of scorecard ,  ie. top down. Two games only per set , each game  21 UP.  First player to 21 points concludes each game.

Details of all the Veteran Cup Regulations can be found on Page 27 and 28 of the 2018-19 rule book, please note Reg. 12. Doubles set/s to be played only if team equal on points.

Home teams must give opponents a minimum of seven days notice of the match date.


                                                                                        First Round
1 Bath Street Marine 6vWaterloo 1  
2 Bath Street Marine 2vWavertree Labour 3  
3 Waterloo 2vBootle YMCA 2  
4 Bath Street Marine 3vCADWA 2  
5 Maghull 4vMaghull 2  
6 Wavertree Labour 4vSefton Park 3  
7 Maghull 3vSefton Park 1  
8 Bath Street Marine 5vMerseyside Police 2  
9 East Wavertree 1vEast Wavertree 2  
10 Bath Street Marine 4vArriva 2  
11 CADWA 1vMerseyside Police 1  
12 Wavertree Labour 2vMaghull 1  
13 Arriva 1vWavertree Labour 1  
14 Bootle YMCA 1vLinacre  
15 Sefton Park 4vSefton Park 2  
16 Bath Street Marine 1vSefton Park 5  


The Home team will receive two match cards, one, the official card to be returned signed and completed to the Fixture Secretary, the other for the use of the away team, not to be returned, Captains please agree scores after each set, especially before starting the final set.

In the event of a team conceding a Walkover, the official Match Card MUST be completed by the HOME team captain or secretary, showing clearly which club has conceded the walkover, and Match card returned to Fixture Secretary within the required period.

Clubs will receive list of player handicaps before start of the competition


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