As amended at the 2017 AGM





RULE 1 League Name and Intentions.

RULE 2. Management Structure.

RULE 3 to 6 Management Structure.

RULE 7. To 9. General Meetings.

RULE 9 cont. General Meetings,

RULE 10. Finance.

RULE 11 Application for Membership

RULE 12. Fees and Subscriptions.

RULE 13. Registration.

RULE 14. Registration.

RULE 15. Registration.

RULE 17  Registration

RULE 18 - 20. Penalties and Protests.

RULE 21 & 22 Promotion and Relegation.

RULE 23 Change of Club Details.

RULE 24 Trophies

RULE 25 Cup Competitions

RULE 26 Alteration of Rules

MATCH REG. 1 to 15 Match Regulations.     
CUP REG. 1 to 8. Cup Regulations.

VET. CUP REG. 1 to 16 Veteran Cup Regulations.   












1. This association of table tennis shall be called the LIVERPOOL & DISTRICT TABLE TENNIS LEAGUE (hereinafter called "the League") and shall be affiliated to both the English and Lancashire Table Tennis Associations. Only Clubs on the Liverpool side of the River Mersey and within 12 miles of Liverpool Town Hall are eligible for membership. The Committee may amend the name to include the name of a sponsor if in their opinion it would be advantageous to the League.
Similarly the name of the sponsor may be removed if the Committee so decide. The League is conducted on the principles.

        1 ( a ) That the income and property of the league shall be applied solely to the furtherance of table tennis

        1 ( b ) That no member of the league shall receive payment for table tennis or his services as a member.  

        1 ( c )   That in the event of the dissolution of the League, any income or property remaining shall not be             distributed amongst members, but shall be devoted to the furtherance of Table Tennis or to a charitable          or philanthropic object.

        1 ( d ) That all activities of the League and its members should reflect a high standard of integrity and            sportsman ship.


2. The affairs of the League shall be controlled by an Hon. Management Committee (hereinafter called "the Committee") consisting of President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Organising Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Match Secretary, Registrar and Fixture Secretary, Tournament Secretary, Cup Secretary and ten members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. Five Members shall form a quorum. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members with or without power to vote. Nominations for the elections of Officers and Elected Members shall be sent in writing to the Organising Secretary not later than 1st April in each year. The Committee shall have the power to fill any casual vacancies in the official posts as they occur, but any member so appointed shall hold office only until the next Annual General Meeting of the League, but shall be eligible for re-election. Vice Presidents and Life Members may be elected at the Annual General Meeting, but only on the nomination of the Committee. There shall be two Hon. Auditors who shall serve for two years, one election being held each year. The retiring Auditor may be re-elected. Every question at the meeting of the Committee shall be determined by the majority of votes of the members present
and voting, every member having one vote and in the case of equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

         2 ( a ) The officers of the League shall be President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Organising         Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Match Secretary, Cup Secretary.

         2 ( b ) The Officers have the right to attend all meetings of the League with power to vote.

         2 ( c ) No member of the Committee shall take part in any discussion  or cast a vote on any subject that     involves the club of which they are a member

         2 ( d ) All Officers and elected members of the committee, other than the President, must be individually   registered with the E.T.T.A. (Rule 2d added 2010)

3. All Club Secretaries, excepting those Club Secretaries that are current members of the Management Committee, shall form a Board of Appeal.

         3 ( a ) Any club whose secretary is a current member of the Management Committee, shall, prior to the commencement of the season, select an alternative club member to act on their behalf.

         3 ( b ) The Board of Appeal shall consist of three members and prior to the commencement of the appeal shall . commencement of the appeal.

         3 ( c ) The Board of Appeal shall act as arbitrator between a Club or registered player and the Committee in cases of dispute over the decision of the Management Committee, its Sub Committees or the interpretation of these Rules and regulations.

         3 ( d ) Appeals accompanied by a deposit of £10 shall be first lodged with the Organising Secretary within fourteen days of the decision in dispute and setting out the grounds  on which the appeal is lodged. The deposit may be forfeited if the appeal is not upheld.

         3 ( e ) The Committee and the Club or registered player may be represented at hearings of the Board of Appeal and have the right to address the Board.

         3 ( f ) Decisions from the Board of Appeal has be forwarded to the Management Committee and other parties to the appeal within fourteen days of the decision.  The result of the Board of Appeal shall be  published in the League Digest for the information of League members.

4. Any member of the Committee (except President) absenting themselves from three consecutive meetings in any one season, without reasonable excuse, shall cease to be members of the Committee and the Committee shall have the power to fill any such vacancy.

5. The Committee shall promote and control League, Cup and other competitions, Tournaments and Exhibitions.

6. The League Emergency Committee shall consist of at least two officers of the League from the roles of the Chairman, Organising Secretary, Fixture Secretary or Treasurer and one other member who is not an Officer of the League.  They shall be empowered to act in cases of emergency excepting matters requiring disciplinary action.  Decisions arrived at shall be subject to confirmation at the next Management Committee meeting.


7. Each Club shall be represented at all General Meetings and shall be entitled to one vote for each team registered with a maximum of six votes. Each Member of the Management Committee shall have one vote. Failure to pay subscriptions or fines shall involve loss of this voting power. The signature of Club representatives on the Attendance Register shall be sole acceptance of proof of attendance. The quorum for all General Meetings shall be fifty per cent of the Clubs in membership. A Club not represented at a General Meeting shall be fined £5.

8 . On receipt of a requisition signed by 50 per cent of the Clubs, the Organising Secretary shall call a General Meeting and the Committee may also arrange General Meetings as circumstances demand.

9. An Annual General Meeting will be held before 30 June of each year and a Preliminary Agenda giving details of proposed rule changes and resolutions shall be sent to each Club Secretary and all members of the Management Committee no later than the 2nd Saturday in April of each year.

9 ( a ) Proposed rule changes and resolutions for the Preliminary Agenda must be sent to the Organising Secretary in writing not later than the 3rd Saturday in March of each year.  Amendments to rule change proposals and resolutions contained within the Preliminary Agenda must be sent to the Organising Secretary in writing not later than the 1st Saturday in May of each year. All rule change proposals, resolutions and any proposed amendments to same must bear the signatures of the relevant Club Secretary and one other Club Official. Resolutions and proposed amendments can also be submitted by the Management Committee. No rule change proposals, resolutions or amendments shall be accepted after the closing date for submission of same. The Management Committee shall be exempt from this provision.

9 ( b ) Notice of the convening of the A.G.M. and a copy of the Final Agenda shall be forwarded to each Club Secretary and all members of the Management Committee at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.  Statement of Accounts will be submitted for approval at the Annual General Meeting.


10.   All money appertaining to the League shall be banked in the name of the League. The signature of two of the following Officers, namely, Chairman, Organising Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, and one selected management committee member, shall be necessary before a withdrawal is effected. The bank passbook or statement shall be made up and placed before the Committee together with a certificate of balance and an interim statement of accounts not less than twice per-annum.


11. Applications from Clubs for membership of the League shall be considered only upon satisfactory completion of the official form in force at that time and subject to playing conditions being adequate.  Membership of the League shall lapse on June 30th each year. The Club room of any new Club applying for membership shall be inspected by at least two members of the Committee, who must be fully satisfied with playing conditions before a Club is accepted. Club Secretaries must notify the Management Committee of any  material changes to approved  playing conditions and any changes to approved playing conditions must be inspected and approved by MC prior to a match taking place.  Management Committee will carry out further inspections of approved premises in match playing conditions, on an irregular basis and at least once every three years.


12. The entrance fee for new Clubs shall be £1, which must accompany the application for membership. The annual subscription as defined in Rule 14 shall be paid on or before a Special General Meeting called for such purpose. Subscription Fees not paid at the Special General Meeting shall be payable in full no later than 31st October each season. Any Club failing to pay in full by 31st October of each season shall incur a penalty payment of £5 for each week or part thereof after 31st October until the League Treasurer has received full payment.


13. No Club shall be accepted unless they register the following number of players :-

3-a-side teams :- One team - 5 players, 2 teams - 8 players  and four players each additional team

4-a-side teams :- One team - 6 players, 2 teams, 10 players and five players each additional team.

All players must have a current T.T.E Players Licence or Individual Player's Membership

        13 ( a ) Clubs must submit Player Registration Lists to the Fixture Secretary with all relevant player details. Clubs must also submit Player Grouping Lists to the Fixture Secretary. Player Grouping Lists must be received by the Fixture Secretary seven days prior to the official starting date of the league season. A Grouping List must nominate players in groups and in playing order (such playing order will not apply to any 3-a-side division). No player may play below his / her numbered grouped position. Reserves nominated will play in club sequence. Reserves drafted in after the exchange of team names/ players as per M.R.9. may play in the place of the player not arrived by 8 pm. Revised Grouping Lists must be submitted with all subsequent registrations. Regrouping other than for accommodating new players must be in the hands of the Fixture Secretary not less than five days prior to the agreed implementation days.  Revised Grouping Lists shall be accompanied by reasons for the proposed regrouping, which reasons must be acceptable to the committee as being in the interests of the League. All revisions will be subject to the Committee's approval and will take effect only upon official notification from the Fixture Secretary and will be operative on a three weekly calendar cycle to commence from the Fourth Monday of each season. No regrouping will be allowed once 70% of the season has elapsed, except with the express permission of the committee. A list detailing operative Monday dates shall be made available to each Club at the League Handbook meeting.

        13 ( b ) In any proposed Club re-grouping a player or players will be permitted to move up through any number of teams. A player or players may not drop lower than one team in any proposed Club regrouping period.

        13 ( c ) ‘Team groupings may consist of any number of players subject to the minimum group number being that of the relevant division for each group. If by 2nd Friday in December of each season any grouped player has not played a minimum of 30% of the League matches for the team in which he/she is grouped he/she will become an additional player to that group. If the application of this rule results in the numerical strength of eligible players being less than the minimum required for that group the Management Committee will promote the leading eligible player/s from each group below to maintain eligible numerical strength of groups, revised groupings will be advised to club/s concerned by the Fixture Secretary. All changes will become operative from 1st January of each season. Any player regrouped by the Management Committee to comply with this rule shall not be eligible to be re-ranked into any lower team for two full ranking periods after 1st January of each season. Should a player/s have a valid and acceptable reason not to have been able to comply with this rule such reasons must be made available to the Fixture Secretary and if considered acceptable by the Management Committee the requirements of this rule may be waived.

         13 ( d ) A player playing more than 6 league matches for a higher team or teams than that for which he / she is grouped, shall immediately be re-ranked by their Club to a position of bottom player in the next lowest group for which he / she is eligible.  A player playing more than 6 league matches for a team in which he/she is grouped, may not be re-grouped into a lower team except in exceptional circumstances with the approval of the Management Committee.                                                                                                                                           A re-grouping list must be submitted to the Fixture Secretary immediately a player is subject to such re-ranking. Any matches played for a higher team than that into which a player is ranked shall, for the purpose of this Rule, stand.

        13 ( e ) Matches played by a player who is subsequently re-ranked by their Club into a higher or lower team shall stand if such matches were for a higher team than that from which they have been re-ranked by their Club.

        13 ( f ) No player may at any time be registered for more than one Club.

        13 (g)  Failure to submit a club grouping list in accordance with Rule 13a shall result in a financial penalty of £10.

14. The annual subscription as determined at the Annual General Meeting shall be on a per team basis and will be inclusive of LTTA fees, and shall include the provision of at least 2 issues of "Table Tennis Digest". All registrations shall be acknowledged by the Fixture Secretary and be subject to confirmation by the Committee.  Registrations made after the Handbook Meetings must be accompanied by postage stamps for postage of Handbook.

15. The Committee may decline the application of any club, or the registration of any player without stating a reason. Only bona-fide members of a club who are liable for its full subscription and hold a current T.T.E. individual registration membership are eligible for registration.  Player registration will be operative from receipt of registration subject to confirmation of receipt of such registration by the Fixture Secretary’. It is
the responsibility of an individual player to ensure that he / she holds a current E.T.T.A. Individual membership.

16. Applications from Registered Players to transfer their registration to another League Club shall be submitted in writing for approval by the Committee. Transfer forms may be obtained from the Registrar. Applications for transfer must be made by the registered player and both club secretaries must be informed.

Any Club or player found guilty of attempting to induce or inducing a Registered Player to join another Club shall be deemed guilty of misconduct. Applications for Registration and Transfer will be accepted until 70% of match weeks of each season have been played. The relevant cut off date for each season will be advised to Club Secretaries by the Fixture Secretary. Applications for Registration and Transfer after the cut off date shall be allowed for special reasons by the Committee, and if accepted, re-grouping to accommodate any Registration or Transfers accepted will be allowed. Registrations shall lapse on 30th June of each year.

        16 ( a ) If a Club is in a financial dispute with a player who has registered for another Club, the original Club may inform the Organising Secretary in writing of the claim, giving the player's name and address, the amount claimed, the period of membership to which it relates and the steps taken to recover it.  The complaint is only relevant if it relates up to the previous twenty-four months from the date of the complaint. If the Committee, after communicating with the player and such persons as they think fit, uphold the claim, they may suspend the player until proof of payment has been received by the Organising Secretary. The complaint is only relevant if it relates to monies directly related to the club's involvement in the LDTTL.

17. All matches shall be played in accordance with the Match Regulations appended to these rules.


18. No member shall by misconduct do anything which would bring the League or the game of Table Tennis into disrepute.

         18 ( a ) The Organising Secretary will initially receive any allegation(s) reported to the Committee about a breach of the laws of the Game or the League Rules and Regulations. The Organising Secretary  will forward all relevant information  and documents to the Disciplinary Sub-Committee for formal disciplinary proceedings.

          18 ( b ) The Management Committee shall appoint from its members a Disciplinary Sub-Committee comprising of five members.  The quorum for a Disciplinary Sub-Committee to sit shall be a minimum of three members.  No member of this Sub-Committee may be present for any hearing involving their their own club or a member of that club.  The Disciplinary Sub-Committee may co-opt other members of the Management Committee if the quorum cannot be reached, due to conflicts of interest or other reasons.

          18 ( c )  The Disciplinary Sub-Committee shall hear, discuss and decide all protests, complaints or other matters referred to it by the Organising Secretary. Protests relating to any violation of the laws of the Game or the Rules and Regulations of the League, shall be lodged by the protesting club, with the Organising Secretary within fourteen days of the occasion in which the protest arises.  The protest must include an account of the alleged infringement.  A copy of the protest/complaint shall be forwarded to the Secretary of the Club)s) concerned by the Organising Secretary.  At their discretion the Disciplinary Sub Committee may hear and deal with any protest that falls outside the confines of this rule.

           18 ( d )  Appeals against any decision of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee or interpretation of the Rules shall be to the Board of Appeal in accordance with Rule 3.

           18 ( e )  The person(s) or club charged with a breach of these Rules shall have the right to a personal hearing or to make a written representation.

           18 ( f )  Within 14 days, after being notified of the complaint, the person or club against whom the allegation has been made may send an answer to the League Organising Secretary and/or a written application for a Hearing.

           18 ( g )  In default of an application for a Hearing, within the prescribed time limit, the matter shall be considered by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee taking into consideration such written representation or other evidence as may be thought fit.

           18 ( h )   Any person charged or the representative of any club charged may be accompanied at a Hearing by one other person of their choice, who shall not be a witness and shall not have right to speak.

           18 ( i )   Failure for any person involved in a disciplinary proceedings to reply to the Disciplinary Sub-Committee or to attend a Hearing or to answer any question or to produce any necessary papers, shall not prevent the Sub-Committee from proceeding to a decision.

           18 ( j )  A decision of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee, after being ratified by the Management Committee, shall be deemed to be a decision of the League and binding on all members and clubs.

           18 ( k )  If a fine imposed is not paid within the time limits prescribed by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee, the sub committee may impose an alternative penalty.

           18 ( l )  If an undertaking, required by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee, is not given within fourteen days of a written request the Disciplinary Sub-Committee may impose an alternative penalty.

           18 ( m )  A past decision of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee may be reviewed by the sub-committee and a fresh decision reached if evidence, not available at the original Hearing, becomes available and in the opinion of the Sub-Committee's Chairman such evidence is new and capable of causing the Sub-Committee to vary its previous decision.

19. Clubs and individuals found guilty of breach of these Rules and Regulations render themselves liable to be fined, suspended, expelled, give an undertaking and /or otherwise penalised as the Disciplinary Sub-committee may decide. No fine shall exceed £25 in respect of any offence. In addition to the penalties mentioned above, the Committee shall automatically impose penalties as follows :-

           19 ( a )  Any team of any club conceding a third walkover in league matches shall immediately be withdrawn from the League by the Management Committee. Should a Club have reason to withdraw or suspend a team after the commencement of the season, such team will be that specified by the Management Committee.

           19 ( b )  A team playing a ranked player of that team out of order shall forfeit all singles matches played by such player with the exception of those matches that would have been played by that player regardless and any other team position affected. Doubles sets shall not be so forfeited. A financial penalty of £3 may also be imposed.

           19 ( c )  Any team playing an ineligible player in a league match may forfeit to opponents all sets played by the ineligible player /players, and may have 10 points deducted from their total at the end of the season. The committee shall have the power to waive the 10 point penalty if the offence is felt to be a genuine error.

           19 ( d )  Any team including an ineligible player in a Cup match, shall forfeit the match.


20. Appeals against decisions of the Disciplinary sub committee shall be made in writing to the Organising Secretary within fourteen days of the notification of the decision and shall, be forwarded to the Board of Appeal in accordance with Rule 3.


21. The League shall be comprised of Divisions as the Committee deem necessary. Each Division shall consist of a maximum of 14 teams, excluding lowest Divisions. The Management Committee shall promote and relegate teams in a way that best serves the interest of the League, with a minimum of one promotion and one relegation.

         21 ( a ) If two or more teams leading a Division are equal on points at the end of the season, or if two or more teams are equal on points in relegation or promotion issues, the final positions of teams concerned shall be determined as per ITTF Regulation for group competitions, i.e. results of matches between teams involved, then sets, games, points. If still equal, the winner shall be decided by lot.

         21 ( b ) The Committee shall have at their discretion, the power to promote a team should a vacancy occur in a higher Division or to consider a request to promote or relegate a team or teams, providing a reason acceptable to the Committee is given by the Club making the request. Such requests shall include details and names of players involved.  Requests for consideration will be accepted up to seven days prior to the Handbook or Special General Meeting, but if submitted after 1st July can only be accommodated if a vacancy exists. Vacancies notified to the Fixture or Organising Secretary, after 30th June, and up to seven days prior to the starting time specified for the Handbook Special General Meeting, will be filled by promotion of team/s specified by the Committee, or any Sub-committee formed for this purpose. Vacancies notified after the deadline may be filled at the discretion of the Committee or Sub-committee, in accordance with the entry form returned by the club in question.

22. The record of any team who may resign or be expelled shall be expunged.


23. It shall be the responsibility of a Club changing its Name, Venue, Secretary, Match night /s, or number of teams, or of a Secretary changing his / her details subsequent to the Handbook Meeting, to notify the Organising Secretary and all Club Secretaries.


24. No player or Club shall promote or take part in any local Tournament or Exhibition, other than Club competitions, unless it has been sanctioned by the Committee.

         24 ( a ) All clubs and individuals receiving Championship or Challenge Cups of the League do so on the
condition that :-

         24 ( b ) The Cups cannot be won outright. Cups must be returned in good condition to the Cup Secretary.

         i) All Divisional Cups, Perpetual League Cups /Trophies, Annual Closed Championship Cups, Shields  or Trophies or any other annual perpetual Cup or Trophy must be returned by the holder or club when requested by the League Cup Secretary

         ii) Any Club or individual failing to return Cup or Trophy when requested by the League Cup Secretary,   will  be liable to a fine of £25.

         24 ( c )  In the event of any Club leaving the League whilst holding a League Trophy, that Trophy shall be returned immediately to the Organising Secretary. The recipient player or Club shall sign a receipt and undertaking when the Cup or Trophy is awarded or received.

        24 ( d )  Medals, or some suitable token shall be awarded to winners of each division, and winners and runners-up of each Cup competition.


25. All Cup competitions shall be held in accordance with the relevant Cup regulations appended to these rules.


26. No amendment or alteration of the League Rules or Match or Cup Regulations shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose by the Committee who shall give 28 days notice of such meeting. No alterations shall be made unless the proposal obtains at least two thirds of the votes cast. The Committee shall decide any question not provided for in the Rules.


1. All matches shall be played under the Laws of Table Tennis as recognised by T.T.E.

2. All members shall uphold the aims of the League as outlined in Rule 1d. It is the responsibility of all members to report to the League Secretary any action which is considered to bring the game or League into disrepute.

3. No Club shall (a) play a match against an unaffiliated Club without the previous sanction of the Committee or (b) play a home match in a club room which is not approved by the Committee.

4. A player may play for a higher team than that for which he / she is grouped under Rule 13, but not for a lower team, subject to the qualifications of Rule 13.

       4 (a)  A team match list must list team players in Club Grouped playing order. No player must play below his / her grouped playing order position. Reserves nominated must play in numbered club sequence. A reserve/s required after the exchange of team lists as per M.R.10, may play in the place of a player not arrived by 8 pm. who has been called on to play or is still absent after 8 pm.

5. No player may play more than 36 League matches per season.

6. No player may play for more than one team on one night.

7. No Club shall play an ineligible player or send in as having taken part in a match, the name of a player who did not do so.

8.  Blank

9. In all matches in which a team designated 'Liverpool' participates, the player/s selected shall wear an official shirt and badge as approved by the Committee. 

10. The official starting time for League matches shall be 7-30 pm. Teams shall simultaneously exchange completed team matchbook or scorecard listing players in playing order. Any player not available after 8-00 pm. when called on to play, shall forfeit such set unless a reserve is available.  Reserve players included in a team after the match has commenced must take the place of a missing player and must be shown as a replacement player on the official scorecard.

        10 (a)  teams completing in the League shall consist of 4 players (3 for 3-a-side).  Lists exchanged under M.R. 10 shall not be altered except in the case of a player whose name has been included and who is not available when called upon to play.  a reserve shall then be played in the position that has become vacant by the original player's non availability.  The captains shall alternatively have the option of declaring the next match to be played, the visiting captain having the first choice.  Each player shall play one match consisting of the best of five games 11 up against two players of the opposing team and in accordance with the following schedule: No.1 of the home team plays Nos 1 and 2 of the visiting team; No 2 plays 1 and 3; No 3 plays 2 and 4; No 4 plays 3 and 4 and two doubles matches.  In the 3-a-side divisions each player shall play one match consisting of the best of five games of 11 up against each player of the opposing team in accordance with the following schedule:- 3v2, 1v3, 2v1, 3v1, 2v3, 1v1, 2v2, 2v3 and one doubles match, except in a cup match, the home player first in each instance.

Composition of pairs is the captain's choice.  An additional eligible play may be used in one or both of the doubles pairings.  Any such appearance will count towards qualification under Cup Regulation 5a.  If an additional player is to be used in the doubles match(s) this must be declared when exchanging team lists as per MR 10, prior to the commencement of the match.

Any team failing to field a team in accordance with MR 10(a) shall receive a fixed penalty of £3 for each missing player.

         10 (b)  Cup matches shall be best of nine ( 9 ) sets. In 3-a-side divisions there shall be no doubles event. In 4-a-side divisions there shall be eight (8) singles as per playing schedule in 10 ( a ) and one doubles event. Composition of doubles pair is the Captain's choice. Only players used in singles events may comprise a doubles pairing.

11. All matches shall be played on the dates stated in the official handbook (in which case no confirmation by home or visiting team is required) the only exception being as follows:-

         11 ( a ) A home team may change the date of a match if for any reason their room is not available on the night fixed.

         11 ( b ) A home or away team may change the date of a league match which clashes with a cup match,

         11 ( c ) A home or away team may change the date of a league or cup match which falls on a Bank Holiday, or which clashes with the League Closed Finals Night if one or more of the grouped players from that team are taking part in or wish to attend this event. A home or away team may change the date of a league or cup match if one or more of the grouped players from that team are selected to represent their Country, County or the League on the date fixed.

A home or way team may change the date of a league or cup match if one or more of the grouped players from that team are members of the League Management Committee and required to attend a League Management Committee meeting on that date, or is engaged in official League duties. Except as provided for in para. 3.

         11 ( d ) A team requiring a change of date under any of the foregoing circumstances must, immediately the circumstances giving r ise to the change are known to them, notify their opponents and the Fixture Secretary in writing that the match will not be played on its original date. A home team must, before any re-arranged match can be played give to their opponents and the Fixture Secretary Seven clear davs notice of the new date. All matches must be played within 8 weeks of the original match week number with the proviso that no match is played later than one week following the final week number of the playing season. Any fixture not played within this time scale, reasons for which have not been advised to the Fixture Secretary will be awarded to the away team as a 10-0 walkover. If an acceptable reason is given the match will be played in accordance with the final paragraph of this Management Rule.

        11 ( e ) Any league match between 2 teams from the same Club cannot be postponed without the consent of the Fixture Secretary, any match so postponed must be played within 14 days of the original match date.  If not so played the match will be declared void, no points awarded to either team.  For the purpose of this regulation, re-arranged matches between 2 teams from the same Club shall take preference over other league matches.

        11 ( f )  A league match may be abandoned if due to unforeseen circumstances it is not possible for play to continue and the match to be concluded. if no more than six sets have been played, when the match is abandonded, the match must be replayed within eight weeks.  If more than six sets have been played the remaining sets shall be divided equally between the two teams. If such un-played sets are of an odd number the team leading on sets won at the time of abandonment shall be awarded the remaining odd set.

The Management Committee shall be empowered to order the replay of any such abandoned match if in their opinion circumstances warrant such a match should be replayed.

11 ( g ) The Committee may require an unfulfilled fixture to be re-arranged and played within a time scale specified by the Committee.

12. Players selected to represent the League, must regard the invitations a priority call on their services, the only exception being an invitation to play for their Country or County.

13. Players intending to register for more than one League must state on their application which League shall have first call on their services.

14. The umpire for each set shall be nominated alternately by the visiting and home captains, the visiting captain having first choice.

15. The home team shall be responsible for forwarding the official scorecard (WHICH IF SIGNED BY BOTH CAPTAINS SHALL INDICATE THEIR AGREEMENT TO THE SCORE AS SHOWN ON THE CARD). Unless a score card (or written notification of postponement) is received by the Fixture Secretary WITHIN SEVEN DAYS of the date published in the handbook for a particular match or re-arranged fixture, the home Club shall be fined £4 in respect of that match.


1. The names of teams shall be drawn in couples at a time by a Sub-committee (of not less than three members) especially appointed for this purpose. The couples shall compete with each other, and the names of the winning teams shall be placed in a lot, drawn in couples and compete as in the first tie, and so on until the final tie is played. The League shall notify each Club immediately after the draw, of the names of their opponents.

2. The Clubs who are in each instance first drawn in the ballot shall play at home and must give not less than seven days notice to their opponents of the date the match will be played, cup matches to be given preference over league matches. All cup matches shall be played in the week allocated in the Handbook, except with the express permission of the Management committee. The exception to this regulation shall be in the case of final ties which shall be played on neutral tables on a date fixed by the Committee, who shall appoint the neutral table at their discretion, a referee shall be appointed by the Committee to control each final tie. The designation of home and visiting teams at Finals shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

3. Matches may be concluded when one team has won over 50% of the sets

4. All questions of eligibility of players, conditions of match play, protests and appeals shall be governed by the rules of the T.T.E. and the League. Any team including an ineligible player in a cup match shall forfeit the match.

5. All players must be registered members of their respective Clubs. No player may play for more than one Club in any one cup, in any one season. Players may play only for the team for which they are grouped or a higher team. Any player who has played in any cup match for which he is grouped and who is subsequently re-grouped into a higher or lower team during the season may not play for such team in any cup competition in that season. A player is not eligible for a Cup match played before 31st December for the team for which he/she is grouped, if he/she has during the current season played 4 or more league matches for a higher team or teams than that for which he/she was grouped, when those matches were played, players ranked as reserves will, for the purpose of this regulation be regarded as members of the lowest team group in that particular Club. A player whose registration is received by the Fixture Secretary after 31st. December, shall not be eligible to play in a cup match except by permission of the Management Committee.

         5 ( a ) Except by permission of the management Committee a player is not eligible to play in a Cup Semi Final or Final unless he / she has played for their Club a number of League matches equivalent to 45% of League matches played by the team appearing in that Semi Final or Final rounded down to the nearest whole number.        

          5 ( b ) A player may not play in a semi final or final if his / her eligibility to do so has been obtained by playing for one or more higher team/s during the preceding four calendar weeks.

6. The League will award medals or other suitable tokens to the members of the team winning the cup and also the runners-up.  Qualifications for Cup Competitions shall be decided by the Committee.

7. All players taking part in a Cup match must be present and available to play at 7-30 pm. Any player not available at the stipulated time when called upon to play shall forfeit such set unless a reserve is available, who, once introduced , shall play for the rest of the match 8.

8.  In the event that a Cup Match is abandoned, due to unforeseen circumstances, it must be replayed within 14 days.

Above Cup Regulations 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7, shall not apply to the Frank Murphy Memorial Trophy, which shall be played in accordance with separate regulations approved by the Committee and printed as an appendix to these Regulations.


1. All registered players who have asttained the age of 40 on or before 30th June of each year shall automatically be given a handicap. All players must be full members of their respective club and registered as such with this league 14 days prior to the commencement of the competition.

2. Teams shall consist of three players, registration of Veteran cup teams by Clubs to be made to the League by the commencement date of the season.

3.  Clubs entering a team/s in this competition shall indicate on the Club Registration Form the registered players eligible and players they have selected to play in this competition. Players not selected by their club shall not receive a handicap and will therefore be ineligible.

4. Each registered / selected veteran player shall be given a handicap, such handicap to be determined by a Handicap committee. Maximum plus handicap shall be 100. Minus handicaps will have no restrictions.

5 An eligible veteran player will retain his / her handicap on transfer to another Club. No player may play for more than one club in any one season.

6. Any three players may form a team but no player may play for more than one team. Additional player/s required as reserve should be drawn from those eligible veteran members who have not played for any other Veteran cup team.

7. There shall be a Handicap Committee comprising of the Fixture Secretary, Cup Secretary and three league members elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The handicaps will be organised by the Fixture Secretary and will be discussed with the Cup Secretary and the three elected committee members.  The Cup Secretary will be the Chair of the Handicap Committee.

8. The draw and arrangements for playing of Veterans' Cup matches shall be in accordance with League Cup Regulations.

9. The competition shall be played on a team basis of three players per team, each playing all other opposing players. Knockout principle to apply.

10. Each match shall consist of 9 sets. Two games only shall comprise a set. Each game shall conclude when one of the players has won 21 points.

11. The order of play for all matches shall be-: 2 v 1, 3 v 2 , 1 v 3, 3 v 1, 2 v 3, 1 v 2, 3 v 3, 2 v 2, 1 v l.

12. Team points total shall determine the result of each match after addition and /or deduction of team player handicaps. The team having the highest points total being the winner. In the event of a tie, the match shall be decided by playing a tie-breaking doubles set ( two games only per set), 15% of the individual players original handicaps (rounded up ), taking part, shall be added to the tie-break score. If scores still remain level, a
further doubles set or sets shall be played, until a winner emerges. Partner changes will be permitted.

13. All matches shall be played in accordance with the Rules of the League as amended by these Regulations. Any matter not determined by these Regulations, or the Rules of the League, shall be referred to the League Management Committee for decision.

14. A copy of these Regulations shall be supplied to each competing Club. A full list of players individual handicaps shall be supplied to each competing club.

15. All Veteran Cup matches shall commence at 19:30 hrs. and players must be available when due to play. If a player is not present when called to play he /she may be replaced by an eligible reserve if one is available.

16. The Handicap Committee can review a players’ handicap at their discretion.


Service shall start with the ball resting freely on the open palm of the server’s stationary free hand. The server shall then project the ball near vertically upwards, without imparting spin, so that it rises at least 16 cm. after leaving the palm of the free hand and then falls without touching anything before being struck.

As the ball is falling the server shall strike it so that it touches first his court and then, after passing over or around the net assembly, touches directly the receiver’s court; in doubles, the ball shall touch successively the right half court of serve and receiver.

From the start of service until it is struck the ball shall be above the level of the playing surface and behind the server’s end line, and it shall not be hidden from the receiver by any part of the body or clothing of the server or his doubles partner; as soon as the ball has been projected, the server’s free arm shall be removed from the space between the server’s body and the net. It is the responsibility of the player to serve so that the umpire or assistant umpire can see that he complies with the requirements for a good service.


The expedite system cannot be introduced in a game if the total of points scored is at least 18. Expedite cannot be introduced if the score has reached or passed 9-9 or 10-8.

The expedite system shall come into operation if a game is unfinished after ten minutes' play or at any earlier time at the request of both players or pairs. If the ball is in play when the time limit is reached, play shall be interrupted by the umpire and shall resume with service by the player who served in the rally that was interrupted. If the ball is not in play when the time limit is reached, play shall resume with service by the player who received in the immediately preceding rally. Thereafter, each player shall serve for 1 point in turn and if the receiving player or pair makes 13 good returns the receiver shall score a point. Once introduced the expedite system shall remain in operation until the end of the match.


The covering material on a side of the blade used for striking the ball shall be of a brand and type currently authorised by the ITTF and shall be attached to the blade in such a way that the trademark and ITTF logo are clearly visible near the edge of the striking surface. The surface of one side of the racket shall be bright red and the surface of the other side shall be black, whether or not both sides are used for striking the ball.  The racket cannot be changed during a game unless it has been accidentally damaged.

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