Match Report

Unfortunately Andy McAllister had to drop out on the day of
the match due to family illness but Mike decided to go ahead with the match,
thankfully as four postponements in a row would have been just too much for

 We all commented on how both Mike and Eddie continue to benefit
from being in the top division with their games coming on well. Unfortunately
for them this only translated into one win but one better than the first half.

 Eddie won the one repeating his win over Norman from last
season though this time Norman took him to five instead of only four. Eddie
really should have won two as he was 10-5 up in the fifth against me but in a
combination of stubborn determination and a bit of luck I managed to recover to
win 14-12.

 Mike took all three of us to four legs but was unable to
quite get to a five legger.

 Good to have Phil along and he showed he still has it even
whilst dropping a leg in each game.

 Norman fought hard and won his one well and came close to
revenge over Eddie but not quite.

 I had a fairly lucky night with my win over Eddie and had an
interesting game with Mike.

 The old Doubles team then got together to win the only three
legger of the evening.

 An enjoyable evening of table tennis in a good old school
Civil Service venue.

Written by:Gerry Martin
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