Match Report

John currently has a few problems fielding a side with Jai
away and himself being injured so they unfortunately had to play with two but
possibly still got a better result than he perhaps expected.

Ronnie opened up against Pete and after going two nil up
recovered to draw level. Pete gathered his senses and managed to see out a win
to take the first game.

 However this seemed to inspire Ronnie and in the next two
games he played he managed first to beat me in four and then recover from two
down to Phil to also beat him. Excellent performance from Ronnie.

George was next up and had a good if not winning evening,
managing to take legs off both Pete and Phil and having seen this I
concentrated on making sure I got past the post as quickly as possible but
great to see George playing like this.

 The old school doubles combination then teamed up to win the
last game of the evening to make the final score 8-2.


We then adjourned for the best part of the evening, a little
imbibing at the Speaker.

Written by:Gerry Martin
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