Match Report

Ross insisted it would be a 10-0 drubbing but I told him I doubted that and so it proved.

A good game played in great spirit and thoroughly enjoyable I would hope all agree.

 Phil and I managed our maximums without too much trouble (Phil being a late stand-in for Pete) but Colin found the pace of his opponents’ games not quite conducive to his game and after struggling against Ross to win in four; going to 19-17 in the third against Flavinda; he then succumbed to Geoff in three with two deuces going Geoff’s way. 

A good win for Geoff, a couple of legs for Ross, and some lovely play from Puss in Boots – you had to be there!

 A nice doubles to round the evening off  before we retired to an excellent pub, the Florist Arms, after being repeatedly told there weren’t any close by. I’d recommend it to any teams looking to imbibe after their matches at Morpeth. 
Written by:Gerry Martin
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