Match Report

So Credex confirm their position at the top of the league with a emphatic win over Castaways utilising two of their stars and a very welcome return from Perry.


In a hard fought match Ade was far too strong for the Castaway players though Pete did manage to nick a leg off him but did not stop him scoring a maximum.


Lucas also scored a maximum though fortune was on his side. After dropping legs to Andy and me, Pete took him all the way and only lost 10 in the fifth after Pete suffered some atrocious luck.


Pete also suffered a bizarre end to his game with Perry when at 9-10 down in the fifth the ball was lost (in the piano we think) so eventually we had to use a new ball and Perry won the point to take the leg and game.

Perry was not so lucky against myself and I beat him in four and then Andy managed to win in five when Perry served into the net at 8-10 in the fifth.


Andy was shattered and so Pete and I took on Lucas and Ade and despite our best efforts, especially in the third, we lost three straight.


So that effectively settles the first four positions in the league with only a few games to be played out to complete the season and what a very interesting one it has been..



Written by:Gerry Martin
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