Match Report

A good match with some interesting match ups that did not
always go as you might expect.


Jai had a good evening and was unlucky not to notch a


Ronnie had an interesting evening going from a five leg loss
to a three leg win with a three leg loss in-between!


George had an excellent start which then faded away to three


Many thanks to Norman for reserving for us and after
recovering from two legs down to win in his first game against George he then
looked to have beaten Jai until Ronnie provided some excellent coaching to take
him from two legs down to a three – two win then finishing off with a three leg
loss to Ronnie which he strangely never looked in trouble in.


In Terry’s last game for the season he took a good maximum
though it wasn’t without its issues when he went to five with both Ronnie and


That leave me and I managed a couple but once again Jai’s
all out attack seemed totally suited to my left-handed looping.


The doubles went Castaways way to round out an evening which
was both competitive, social, and thoroughlyenjoyable.

Written by:Gerry Martin
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