Match Report

 What an excellent night even if we had to turn up with two.

Keenly contested we did not give up our undefeated record
lightly but Winston was on great from on the night and won his two.

 Robin came up against two awkward b*gg*rs and lost both in
fighting four legs. 

Trevor was struggling with a chesty cold and found things a
little too much for him on the night but got his team one of course by turning

(Sick note) Pete had a long evening playing thirteen legs in
his singles games plus four in the doubles and prevailed in two of his singles
over Trevor and Robin.

 I managed to confuse and bemuse in my usual style leaving
both Trevor and Robin wondering how they had actually lost .

Unfortunately the doubles was a step too far for us and the
combination of Robin and Winston proved too strong so giving HMT A the win in a
match that rarely strays from 6-4 either way or a 5-5 draw.

And so we repaired to the Two Chairmen pub, avoiding the
barriers strewn around the Treasury and Birdcage Walk by the Anarchists, and
dissected the match until there was not much left to dissect. A great social
end to a very good match albeit the first game of the new two man Castaways

Written by:Gerry Martin
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