Match Report

Another tremendous match which turned twice perhaps three times and also one of those rare ones where every player won at least one even though one player won three. 

A few outstanding legs with massive come backs including Keld’s second leg of the evening where he came from 9-3 down to win the leg 15-13 against Ojango and then went on to win all three. 

Meanwhile Ojango having lost that then lost of an up and down five legger to Pete before managing to win in three over Andy even though Andy back in the third and almost won that. 

Pete had the longest of evenings playing 18 out of a possible 20 legs and only lost one game 13-11 in the fifty to Stefan after having two match points. 

Perry had a strange evening losing in an immensely tight three out of four legs to Keld, collapsing against Pete but steamrollering Andy in two out of three legs. 

For Castaways that leaves Andy who decided it was three legs and three legs only so losing two three straight and winning the other. 

Meanwhile Stefan lost two three straight but also won the tightest of games against Peter.


In the doubles Keld and Pete teamed up to beat Ojango and Perry in four though commented later they didn’t have a clue how. 

So in the battle for supremacy in the  table going into Xmas Castaways take a small step towards that goal though with two matches two play there is not much room to slip up especially as Credex only have Outcasts to play. 

PS. My injury was still not good enough to let me play which made for a very frustrating evening,

Written by:Gerry Martin
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