Match Report

What looks vis the score a routine 10-0 was anything but for two of the games. 

Pete and then Andy managed to take their three with only the loss of one leg but Pete and a juice for Andy. 

Neil however decided life needed to be interesting and after dropping a leg to Jeremy in his opening game then proceeded to win in five against Tony in a game where he had to come back from two one down and the leg he won was on a deuce. Neil then faced Dave Shore in a game which has been a bit one sided on the last few occasions but this time was anything but. 

Dave won the first using his unorthodox hitting to leave Neil struggling and then repeated the same result in the second leg to take a 2-0 lead which usually would have ensured the win. However Neil managed to struggle back from points down to win 11-8 and then repeat the feat in the next leg coming from 8-9 down to win 11-9. The next leg was a bit one-sided initially but then Dave came back from 10-4 to 10-8 but in a final flurry Neil managed to take it 11-8, phew. 

So a 10-0 keeps Castaways in the hunt but a big game coming up on Monday which could well be a pointer towards the title when Castaways are away to Nat West.

Written by:Gerry Martin
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