Match Report

I don’t think many people would have predicted this result when looking at the respective teams.

Castaways seemed to let the venue get to them and despite being in front in most games eventually succumbed to Nat West almost every time, save the first game of the evening. 


Pete Harris started the evening well for Castaways getting a good win against Chris H, 12 in the fourth but that was definitely as good as it got.


Seven out of the next nine went to five but in each case Nat West managed to take every game regardless of the fact that Castaways were in front on legs in all but one and in two of them led on deuce.


To sum up, Pete won the only one for Castaways against Chris which meant that Keld and Andy went winless whilst Les and Tony had three excellent wins each with Chris only winning two.


This probably decides where the title goes but it remains to be seen if it also decides runners up.


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