Match Report

A fairly routine win for Castaways against a weakened Employment side due to injury, holiday, and a preference for imbibing.

Frank was actually downstairs practicing when he got a call to tell him he was playing and unsurprisingly found the going a little tough.

Kevin is returning from a twenty year plus lay-off and we all suspect he is only going to improve as the season progresses though tonight he had to settle for a leg in the opening singles game.

Richard managed one of his renowned wins where his opponent chose to beat himself, great play by Richard amid an “I can win entertainingly playing my usual game” decision by Norman, perhaps not!

The rest of the evening was a leg free zone for Employment though they confirmed they did enjoy their games and particularly the abundance of sandwiches on offer.

Norman and Neil managed a win in the doubles to bank nine points plus the bonus – not a scoreline we expect next week when we face Comets A.

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