Match Report

So, in a game where Castaways needed the points and Comets needed a player then unfortunately, from their big squad, only Steve and Greg were available but then Steve was always likely to do some damage and sure enough he did.

Despite all three Castaways players taking a leg off him, and yours truly having seven leg points to go to 2-2 Steve managed a perfect three.

Greg was not so fortunate and despite some good play only managed one leg over the course of the evening.

All three Castaways players therefore got one singles win and one singles loss.

A notable statistic was that there was no five leggers over the course of the evening but there were five out of seven that went to four.

In the doubles the so far unbeaten family combination of Grant and Le Milliere managed their third doubles win of the season and featured a very rare beast indeed, a Le Milliere smash at set point, rarely seen and my shoulder still hurts but Keld noted it on the scoresheet as needing to be mentioned!

 So on to next week when Castaways face their old and trusted rivals PRO who always seem to find their mojo against us, who will be playing for each side may well decide the outcome but for Castaways there are only three available but who might that be?


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