Match Report

Insurance Offices:

 ·         Insurance Offices could only muster two players against Sparta this week.

·         Albert Francis had warmed up after losing to Dave Evans, and beat both Steve Hattrill and Mandy John. (He played two games on the trot as Jon was going to be late)

·         Albert Francis and Jon Vellinor teamed up to win the doubles which went to 5 ends. Sparta were 10-8 up in the 5th, so was frustrating for them.


·         Dave Evans was struggling a bit with a knee injury but managed to win his two games.

·         Steve Hattrill played his usual defensive game which worked well against Jon Vellinor but not against Albert Francis.

·         Mandy John hadn’t played since March and was lacking match practice.

Richard. Hope some of this information is useful for your weekly report? Tweak as you see fit.

 Regards Mandy

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