Match Report

A Captain’s performance this wasn’t unfortunately for Castaways. The evening started well for Castaways with a strange win for Terry over John six itf though that hardly tells the tale. Neil then saw off Ian without too much trouble bringing Keld to the table who with three or four matches under his belt now is starting to return to form and beat Ronnie in four.  

Three nil and going to plan but then the wheels went a little wonky. John and Neil do have some epic battles with Neil unable to put the ball away and John taking the odd chance. So, it proved in this match with John just edging it out in five though with three legs ending nine, one eleven, and one six, it really could have gone either way.

We then had Terry and Ronnie and Ronnie won the first two legs two and seven, an upset on the cards? Nope, Terry then produced some exquisite table tennis winning four, seven, and two. Keld kept the Castaways ball rolling with a win against Ian, losing the first leg but then showing his new found old form to win in four.

Neil then faced Ronnie who has caused him trouble on a number of occasions and, so it proved again, though Neil did seem to have had all the energy drained out of him by the earlier marathon with John. Taking nothing away from Ronnie though as he coped with all that Neil could throw at him and came back even stronger to win in four.

Keld then faced John in another of John’s epic marathons (John completing fifteen singles legs for the evening) but despite John’s best efforts Keld found the answers to win eight itf. Terry then completed the only three leg singles of the evening in beating Ian before repeating the performance in the doubles when paired with Keld, but John and Ronnie were probably a little aggrieved after losing eight, ten, and ten.

So, a good, if not great, win for Castaways that keeps them in the hunt, two off the top but two points they could probably ill afford to drop. Bye week next week and then the big clash, HMT A v Castaways which could well decide the season …. or not.



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