Match Report

So, another match where in the pursuit of the title Castaways needed a 10-0 and they almost achieved it but they reckoned without one player from SPARTA, David Evans stepped up and played some fine TT.

Pete Harris was impervious, winning three, three straight, always putting the ball in the right place, eventually.

Norman had a little more trouble, losing his first game to David who fairly smashed through Norman’s game and won three straight. However, Norman recovered to beat Mandy and Pete T three straight himself.

That left myself and I went out with, unusually, a steely determination beating Mandy and Pete T three straight through truth be told Pete deserved to win the second leg having been in front and then only losing on deuce.

That left the only game to go beyond three legs although initially it looked as though it would be three straight but then David turned it around and won the next two legs 6 and 3. This led to the fifth and deciding leg and this was possibly decided in the first few points as if either took a lead the other would struggle to make it back and so it proved with myself running out the winner. Giving away the serve possibly worked – you had to be there!

It was mostly a tough night for SPARTA as can be seen from the details above but hopefully an enjoyable one for all that and certainly the post-match pint, or three, were enjoyed by Mandy and the Castaways team. 

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