Match Report

A result that probably no one saw coming least of all Castaways! 

There were travel problems meaning Neil was late turning up but in his absence Pat went on against Oleg and Pete went on against Rob as Sam was also delayed due to working late. 

Pat ran out a winner 7 ifF whilst Pete managed a win in four. 2-0 Castaways. 

Neil then took on Rob, who wasn’t really at the races, and Neil won three straight, Castaways 3-0. Meanwhile Oleg was playing Pete and suffering a loss in four. 4-0 Castaways. 

Sam then arrived and didn’t have time to really warm up properly, not that it showed, and in a tremendous nip and tuck game Pete came from 2-1 down to win in five, match score 5-1. At the same time Pat was struggling playing Rob and although the first went close Rob then won the next two to win in three. 5-1 Castaways. 

A 6-4 to Castaways looked great at this point with Sam still to play three but no one would have guessed that was the last game Morpeth would win. 

Sure, enough, Sam started off against Pat winning to 4 but Pat then fought back to win 2, 6, and 10 in the fourth, 6-1. A great win. 

At the same time Oleg was playing Neil and although it went 1-1 Neil won out 3-1 so 7-1. 

The final singles game was Sam against Neil and this ebbed and flowed 7 to Neil, 4 to Sam, 3 to Neil, 8 to Sam, leading to the last leg where from 8-4 down Neil came back to win 11-9, 8-1! 

That left the doubles with Neil and Pete taking on Oleg and Sam and after an extremely close first leg went to Castaways they then managed to win the4 next two as well, 9-1 to Castaways.

At the start of the evening a Castaways win was the minimum, by the end Treasury were faced with needing to win three 10-0 results to go ahead by just one point! 

Over to you chaps ….

Written by:Gerry Martin
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