Match Report

A cracking match where Castaways were under pressure to get a big win and not helped by watching Treasury A on the next table walking all over Nat West. 

Paul, a late replacement for Anita, got off to a great start beating Keld in four before having the usual epic battle with Neil which could have gone either way, but Paul just lost out 8itf. He then managed to take a leg off Pete who, to be fair was playing his sixth game of the evening but rallied to win in four. 

Richard came into the game on a good percentage having only lost two games so far but lost his first to Pete in a very close five legger, 9itf. He then had a cracking game with Keld and won from two legs down 8itf. His final game against Neil was a strange affair where serving was king. However having won the first leg Neil’s serving won out and he lost in four. 

Chris had a tough evening losing three straight to Neil; then in four to Pete. However, an epic battle with Keld was the last singles of the evening to finish and it really couldn’t have been tighter, Chris winning out 13itf. 

So, maximums for Pete and Neil plus a walkover doubles, due to running out of time, meant a 7-3 win for Castaways but with Treasury winning 10-0 they take over at the top with a two-point lead.

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