Match Report

So, is the pressure starting to tell on Castaways?

They needed another 10-0 and with HMT A on the next table facing a weakened two-man Comets team they knew the pressure was on again.

Terry as usual rose to the occasion and won three, beating Ian and George three straight and Ronnie in four.

Neil managed to also win his three though not without dropping a leg to George but managed to reverse the result against Ronnie from earlier in the season.

Keld was the one to suffer losing in four to Ronnie in his opening game; then just beating George in five; before losing to Ian in five.

For PRO Ronnie had a, fairly, good evening but conversely won one of those he didn’t expect to against Keld whilst losing one he hoped to win against Neil.

Ian and George both had good evenings and Ronnie commented that it was the best he’d seen them play this season though only Ian got the reward of a win.

The doubles was a bit of a rushed affair with Ronnie and Ian losing three straight to Terry and the “best doubles player in the league” according to his teammates but we suspect there might be some irony involved!

No nerves to worry about next week as Castaways have a bye but then they have the showdown between the winners/runners up to look forward to with HMT A no doubt wanting to put the record straight with a win over Castaways whilst they will probably be chasing the moral victory of beating the champions elect twice.


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