Match Report

So. the first of two big matches for Morpeth A in their quest for the title, a match that would also influence Comets A’s chances, and finally the latest challenge to Castaways’ long unbeaten run. 

The order possibly decided the outcome with Morpeth having the benefit of deciding who should play who first. Neil and Sampson were first up. and Sampson was in unstoppable form with almost everything he attempted and Neil forgetting to fasten the net didn’t help. 0-1. 

Pete then took on Alex who was also in sparkling form with Pete struggling to find any rhythm. 0-2 and only six legs played though Pete did manage a deuce in his loss. 

Johnny and Rob up and the first of only two five leggers during the evening. Johnny started off well winning the first leg but advice from Alex got Rob back into the game winning the second leg. Johnny then unfortunately blew the second leg having been 10-8 up but was unsettled by Alex taking advantage of the new rule that means coaching is now allowed between points and lost to 10. Johnny came back again to win the fourth. Rob raced away in the fifth, but Johnny pegged him back from 10-6 down only to lose again to 10. 0-3 and Castaways looking at their first lost coming along fast. 

The order the came to the rescue with Pete stepping it up against Sampson and winning in three though Sammy did have a deuce in the second leg. 1-3. 

Then came Neil and Rob and Rob has won their last two encounters after a run of victories for Neil so this was an either or. Neil’s spin and Rob’s counter produced some bizarre but also fascinating rallies and Neil ran out the winner in four. 2-3. 

Johnny came back to the table against Alex and although he gave his all Alex was in great form and took it in three, 2-4 and Morpeth only needing two more for the win. 

Pete then took on Rob and after running away with the first two legs Pete found himself struggling to maintain his form in the third and Rob turned it round to take that and then also take a very close fourth though Pete came back strongly in that. Cue the fifth and nip and tuck took it almost to the wire with Pete edging it out 9itf. 3-4. 

Vital game coming up with Johnny playing Sampson, would it be Sampson from the game versus Neil or Sampson from the game versus Pete that showed up, unfortunately for the Morpeth it was the latter and Johnny was imposing himself on Sampson and took it in four meaning Castaways were level from the first time since the score was 0-0. 

Unfortunately for Castaways Alex had his last game to play and although Neil confused him with his serving and nothing attack Alex won in three so putting Morpeth back in front, 4-5. 

So, to the doubles which would prove either the end of Castaways unbeaten run or the worst result for both teams in their chase for the title, a draw. Morpeth took the first leg fairly easily, but then Castaways came back strongly to take the second also easily. The third was to prove pivotal with Castaways taking one against the head to nine then running away with the fourth to level the match. 

So, Castaways’ unbeaten run goes on and in the end the score was the one that probably did Comets A more good than either of the teams’ themselves with Castaways and .Comets A now level on points and Morpeth still out in front by five points - though of course Comets with a game in hand on both teams. 

The big match now is next week with Morpeth A hosting Comets A in a possible winner takes all game, are they selling spectator tickets?

Written by: Neil Le Milliere
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