2017-2018 Handicap Cup Halfway Report

Division 1

At the halfway point Draycott Donkeys are currently at the top of the Division 1 table with 36 points (6 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses).  They are closely followed by Unicorn Avocets who have had some impressive performances with 34 points (6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss).  Keep an eye on them as the winner of the season is likely to be one of these teams if they continue to show their top form.

The third place is currently taken by Draycott Dinosaurs (29 points) who have been performing solidly so far in the season.  They are then followed by Hugglescote Hares (24 points) and Students A (23 points) who have also shown some solid performance.  These teams may not appear to be the obvious title contenders right now but their performance especially against the top teams may well have significant impact on the final results.

At the bottom of the table are Students B and Unicorn Bitterns.  They have had some tough schedules and injury problems which have contributed to their current positions.  Do not rule out these teams yet, if they are able to get their top players back in their playing squads, they may become winning teams again and have some impact on the title race.

Bo Zhang

Division 3

At the halfway stage it couldn’t be much tighter at the top of the division three table with only eight points separating the top five teams Unicorn Dippers head the table by two points from Hugglescote Hawks however Goons look ominously dangerous in third spot with a game in hand and a very strong squad available.

At the foot of the table Students E are holding up the rest, and run the risk of being detached if they don’t start picking up results soon.

The individual averages are led by David Green but the second half of the season looks fascinating with a number of very strong players capable of going on unbeaten runs.

Phil Jones

Division 4

There has been one stand out team in the division this year in the form of Sawley Tempted. Winning their first 6 matches comfortably put them way out in front at the top of the Division.

It’s looking like a close battle for 2nd between the ever-consistent Students G and Unicorn Egrets led by their stand out player George Waldie. 

Dolphins have been the most unpredictable outfit with Zubair winning easily every time he has played singles and contributing massively to the doubles in which they have an extremely good record.

Down at the bottom Students F have struggled, with Aaron Stanton being the only player to perform consistently. Their form appears to be improving though which is a promising sign for the rest of the season. 

Charnwood Eagles and Sawley Tested have been fairly consistent so far but don’t look to be able to threaten the top 3 teams in the division.

Overall it looks as though Tempted are the team to beat so far but are not unbeatable, especially if the Students G players continue to improve as we move into the New Year.

Jordan Tweed


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