Hotard Challenge Shield

HOTARD CHALLENGE SHIELD Final thursday 25th april 2019

(Home team on the left as always)

 LTTC Clarendon v Rothamsted


Handicaps will be provided on the night by Tony Durnford (Hon. Cup Secretary)


(Home team on the left as always)

 Vauxhall Tigras 350 v Rothamsted 422


Co-op B 466 v LTTC Clarendon 529


hotard challenge shield QF draw W/C MON. 4TH february

(Home team on the left as always)


 LTTC Polish Club v Vauxhall Tigras W/O


LTTC Clarendon 525 v L&D Hospital B 472


Wrest Park A 381 v Rothamsted 430


Co-op B 534 v LTTC St Ann 443





hotard challenge shield draw W/C MON. 10TH DECEMBER

(Home team on the left as always)


LTTC St Ann 503 v Vauxhall Corsas 438


L&D Hospital B 538 v LTTC Portland 461


Co-op A 455 v Vauxhall Tigras 477


Polish Club 431 v Stanbridge 400


Christians in Sport A W/O v LTTC Clarendon


LTTC St Andrew 428 v Wrest Park A 514


Wrest Park 347 v Rothamsted 451


Co-op B BYE




For ANY queries pls. contact the Cup Secretary Tony Durnford ->

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