Week 5 Report

Malvern Table Tennis League Results Week 5

Division 1

Ledbury Lions 1 Manor Park Travellers 9

Manor Park Express 5  Ledbury Rovers 5

Division 2

Crackpots D 3 Crackpots E 7

Malvern Tornados 1 Scuttling Gang 9

Poolbrook Dynamos 9 CSSC Nomads 1

Upton 4 Manor Park Wanderers 6

Division 3

Poolbrook Panthers 4 Abbeydowne 6

Manor Park Crackpots 1 X Police 9

Devils 4 Bromyard Hopefuls 6

Crackpots B 2 Poolbrook Rangers 8

Division 1 Report.

In Paperstation Malvern League Division 1 Manor Park Travellers enjoyed a comfortable 9-1 victory against Ledbury Lions thanks to maximums from Craig Preece and Toby Wren supported by Martin Snee with 2, Richard Smith replied for Lions. Manor Park Express and Ledbury Rovers shared a 5-5 draw with 2 wins each for Dave Woodyatt and Pete Griffiths who also combined to win the doubles against Ady Marshall and James Dance. Ady won his 3 singles for Rovers with James and Bob
Marshall claiming 1 victory each.

Division 2 Report

Poolbrook Dynamos continued their fine start to the season with a 9-1 victory against Nomads thanks again  to maximums from Geoff Burford and John Phillips supported by Steve Mulka with 2. Nomads replied with a single win for Dave Hayes. Scuttling Gang defeated Tornados 9-1 with 3 wins each for Ray Davies and Richard McKenna supported by Bill Smith with 2, Dominic Weston replied for Tornados. Crackpots E defeated Crackpots D 7-3 with 3 wins for Matt Hodges, 2 for Dave Steen and 1 for Ed Palmer. Stewart Moss 2 and Bob Rhodes 1 replied for Crackpots D. Manor Park Wanderers defeated Upton 6-4 thanks to maximums from Stan Mason and Charlie Burford, Roger Davies, Peter Quy and Howard Bentham replied for Upton with Roger and Howard also enjoying an excellent straight set doubles win against Stan and Charlie.

Division 3 Report.

Poolbrook Rangers defeated Crackpots B 8-2 thanks to a maximum from Pete Nash supported by Bob Weston and Phil Smethurst with 2 each, Ted Cates and Alan Eldridge replied with single wins for Crackpots B. X Police kept up their title challenge with a 9-1 victory against Manor Park Crackpots with 3 wins for James and Steve Mulka supported by Alan Preece with 2, Stephen Lindner earned Manor Parks sole success in reply. Abbeydowne defeated Poolbrook Panthers 6-4 thanks to a maximum from Niels Eriksson and 2 from Chris Burrows. Chris and Niels also combined to take the doubles, Collette James 2 and Ian Sage and Dina Murdie with 1 each replied for Panthers. Newcomers Bromyard Hopefuls maintained their unbeaten start with a narrow 6-4 win against Devils with Ed Tinton taking 3 and David Gwilt 2. Ed and Dave also won the crucial doubles against Liz Hallam and Ralph Cook. Liz with 2 and Ralph and Pete Harding with 1 each replied for Devils.

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