National Junior League Round 2

On 21 November Malvern League Juniors team took part in the second of 3 rounds of the National Junior League.  The team was hoping to build on winning 4 out of 5 matches in the first round.  Previously injured Ben Meredith came into the team to join Dominic Weston and Ethan Webb.

In this round Malvern again played 5 matches, recording whitewash wins over Wood Green A and Colebridge Braves  and 5-1 victories over Burton Uxbridge and Woodfield B.  They lost their final match to Hereford but can consider themselves unfortunate with 3 sets being lost by 2 points in the deciding game.  This meant Malvern finished second in their group and have qualified for the top group in the final round of matches and will be contesting places 1 - 6.

The successful team were -

1 Dominic Weston 8 wins out of 10 sets

2 Ben Meredith 8 wins out of 10 sets

3 Ethan Webb 6 wins out of 10 sets

Well done to the team and coaches Gerald and Graham

Author: via Malvern Table Tennis League
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