Match Reports 6

Paperstation Malvern Table Tennis League Results Week 6

Division 1

CSSC Ramblers 6 Bromyard Collection 4

Crackpots E 6 Manor Park Express 4

Beacon Boys 7 Manor Park Pumas 3

Ledbury Lions 5 Poolbrook Patriots 5

Division 2

Bromyard Eagles 4 Scuttling Gang 6

YMCA Vulcans 8 Crackpots D 2

Division 3

Manor Park Crackpots 6 Crackpots B 4

Malvern U3A 4 Wombats 6

Poolbrook Panthers 0 Poolbrook Phoenix 1 10

Division 1 Report.

In Paperstation Malvern League Division 1 Ramblers continued  their winning start to the  season with a  6-4 victory against title rivals Bromyard Collection  thanks to maximums from Chris Hewitt and single victories from Mark Clinton and Graham Thompson. Craig Preece and Trevor Davies replied with 2 wins each for Collection. Beacon Boys defeated Manor Park Pumas 7-3 with 3 wins from Joe Higgs, 2 from Jack Higgs and 1 from Mark James. Brett Brinning won 2 and Clifford Knock 1 in reply for Pumas. Crackpots E defeated Manor Park Express 6-4 with another maximum from Matt Hodges supported by Colin Dolding with 2 wins, Express replied with 2 wins for Pete Griffiths and 1 each for Ray Page and Dave Woodyatt. Poolbrook Patriots drew 5-5 with Ledbury Lions thanks to 3 wins from Steve Meredith and 1 from Ben Meredith, the father-son combination then being successful in the doubles. Stan Mason and Steve Baker won 2 each in reply for Patriots with Graham  Collier taking 1.

Division 2 Report.

Scuttling Gang defeated Bromyard Eagles 6-4 thanks to 2 wins  each from Richard Cullis  and Ray Davies supported by Will Jones with 1 ,Mark Farr was in fine form for Eagles earning a maximum with Rob Wilcox winning 1.YMCA Vulcans  overcame Crackpots D 8-2 with Richard Bennett and John Cawthra both winning 3 and Manual Peral 1, Bob Rhodes and James Palmer replied for Crackpots.

Division 3 Report.

Poolbrook Phoenix 1 defeated Poolbrook Panthers 10-0 thanks to  maximums from Steve Mulka, Tim Shouler and Alan Preece. Wombats kept up the pressure at the top of the league with a 6-4 win against Malvern U3A thanks to a maximum from Paul Lythgoe and 2 from Pete Harding, Michael Lewent with 2 supported by David Cornelius and Neil Angell with 1 each replied for U3A.   

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