Paperstation Malvern Table Tennis League Handicap 1st Round Results

CSSC Ramblers 427 Manor Park Express 359(88)

 Poolbrook Dynamos 363 Crackpots D 389(55)  

Crackpots B 445(115) Bromyard Eagles 421

Vulcans 400 Poolbrook Juniors 401(143)

Poolbrook Phoenix 1st 424  Poolbrook Phoenix 2nd  413(161)

Abbeydowne 427 Poolbrook Panthers 385(71)

Manor Park Travellers 428 Scuttling Gang 411(156)

Ledbury Rovers 408  Poolbrook Rangers 360(106)

Manor Park Crackpots 432(164) Devils 427

Ledbury Lions 380 Daredevils 355(2)

Poolbrook Patriots 393(25) Manor Park Pumas 381  

winners by walkover -  Manor Park Wanderers, Malvern U3A and CSSC Nomads



There were some extremely close matches in the opening round of the Paperstation Malvern League Handicap Competition with some excellent performances by the lower Division teams against higher opposition. Pride of place must go to Manor Park Crackpots defending a 165 point handicap to defeat 2nd division Devils by 5 points thanks largely to Stephen Lindner who took single sets against Dave Knowles, Jim Ahern and Liz Hallam assisted by Ed Palmer who also took a set off Liz. The match between Juniors and Vulcans was even closer with Vulcans failing by a single point to recover a 143 point handicap with Charlie Burford in fine form winning 8 sets in total against Manuel Peral,Richard Bennett and Paul Egerton. Alan Goodman also played superbly to take sets against both Manuel and Paul.  Division 3 team  Crackpots B defeated Bromyard Eagles by 24 points successfully defending a 115 point handicap thanks to Stan Ginn who won 2 sets against Ed Tinton,David Gwilt and Mark Farr ably supported by Alan Eldridge who also won 5 sets and Ted Cates 1.

There was also a close 1ST division clash between Patrots and Pumas with the former winning by 12 points successfully defending a 25 pint start. Dominic Weston again showed his rapid development by winning his 4 sets against Jon Dyke and taking sets against both Dave Hallam and Geoff Woodward. His doubles win by a net 10 points with Graham Collier against Dave and Jon proved vital in achieving the overall victory. Ramblers were in superb form against their first division rivals Express recovering their 89 point handicap to win by  68 points with Chris Hewitt gaining 84 points over his 12 sets and Graham Thompson 59 points against Ray Page, Dave Woodyatt and Dale Dickenson.  



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