Paperstation Malvern Table Tennis League Handicap 2nd Round

Main Competition

Poolbrook Patriots 351(55) Manor Park Travellers 421

Crackpots D 411 (201) CSSC Ramblers 434

Abbeydowne 371(30) Manor Park Crackpots 353

Manor Park Wanderers 417 Crackpots B 382 (56)

Bromyard Collection 405  Ledbury Lions (66) 393


Secondary Competition

Poolbrook Dynamos 428 Poolbrook Panthers 459(210)

Daredevils 416 Devils 445(166)

Vulcans 395 Poolbrook Rangers 375(12)

Manor Park Express 368 Manor Park Pumas 361(20)

Scuttling Gang 379(12) Bromyard Eagles 339


2nd Round Report

There were some extremely close matches in the 2nd round of the Paperstation Malvern League Handicap Competition with some excellent performances by the lower Division teams against higher opposition. In the secondary  competition pride of place must go to Poolbrook Panthers defending a 210 point handicap to defeat 2nd division Dynamos by 30 points with Collette James, Ewan Gear and Jude Tyson all winning sets against their higher ranked opponents with John Stalker, Ethan Webb and John Phillips all conceding single sets over the course of the match. 2nd Division Devils overcame 1st Division Daredevils by 29 points successfully defending a 166 point handicap with Liz Hallam and Dave Hayes taking a notable doubles set against Svilen Andreev and John Stalker. Liz, Dave and Phil Steers also took sets in the singles against both John Stalker and James Glazzard. The 2nd division clash between Vulcans and Rangers ended in success for the former largely thanks to Richard Bennett who was in fine form winning 8 of his 12 sets although Eliot Brandwood also won 9 of his 12 sets for Rangers. Ultimately Manuel Perals victories over both Dave Brown and Charlie Burford proved decisive for Vulcans. Express defeated Pumas by 7 points in the all 1st Division clash with Pete Griffiths in superb form winning all of his 12 sets supported by Trevor Symmonds with 7. Dave Hallam enjoyed good wins over Trevor and Ray Page in response for Pumas but they were ultimately unable to defend the 19 point handicap. Scuttling Gang overcame their 2nd Division compatriots Bromyard Eagles by 40 points thanks to excellent performances by Richard Cullis winning 11 sets and Will Jones 7 sets including all 4 against David Gwilt with Alan Preece playing up from the 3rd Division winning 3 sets including 2 against Mark Farr.

In the Main Competition Abbeydowne progressed t the quarter finals with a 18 point victory against fellow 3rd division side Manor Park Crackpots despite an excellent performance by Stephen Lindner who won 11 of his 12 sets for Crackpots, however Graham Browning  and, Chris Burrows with 8 sets each and Lawrie Baker with 4 earned the victory for Abbeydowne.

There was also an entertaining 1ST division clash between Travellers and Patrots with the former easily overcoming a 55 point handicap to win by 70 points with Toby Wren,Geoff Burford and Martin Snee all winning 10 of their 12 sets. Ramblers were also in superb form against their second division opponents Crackpots D  with Chris Hewitt gaining 84 points ,Graham Thompson 75 points and Mark Clinton 48 points in their 12 sets against Stewart Moss, Bob Rhodes and James Palmer. Finally Manor Park Wanderers  overcame Crackpots B by 38 points with Phil Smethurst winning 11 of his 12 sets  to enable Wanderers to overcome their 55 point handicap,he was ably supported by Gary Long and Collette James playing up from Division 3.




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