Founded 2nd October 1944

Record of all Championship results Spring 1945 to Present. 

Plus a few historical events of your league - compiled by Neville Meredith

October 2nd Inaugural meeting of   The Malvern Table Tennis League was held at the Geraldine Staff Club,
  Malvern.  Ten teams entered the league:-  H.M.S. Duke, Pale Manor, Geraldine A & B, United Services,  Barnards Green Y.  C.,  Standard Aero,  Nondescripts, Cosmopolitan and Academical (withdrew  half way through season due to war postings).  First   report in 21st October Gazette Pale Manor win match. Derek Reynolds played for Nondescripts



May.  Malvern   Gazette Cup presented to H.M.S. Duke first league  Winners.  Cpl.   Broome bt Jack Davies in first Final.  Major W. C. Kendall, paid tribute   to teams for completing first Season and thanked G. T. Dormer league chairman for his efforts.



Oct. A.G.M. Two Divisions.  Bernard Bedford new secretary



United Service win league.  Finals night, Semi-finals best of five Up to twenty-one Final best of seven up to twenty-one (long night).



Championships played Saturday evenings over three weekends. 



League nearly folds as players demobbed and forces shut local camps league starts late November with eight teams lowest in league history and format changed to three players instead of four per team. No championships held.



Sept. A.G.M. present  John Trim of Geraldine T.T.C. with trophy for winning1947/8 league John still lives in Malvern. Sec. Bernard Bedford states league fees will have to be 15/-(75p) per team as E.T.T.A. fees have increased(nothing changes).



Derek Reynolds first final appearance he beats his bogey player Jack Davies the No. one seed. He also Partners John King to beat first Ledbury

Recorded players Les Hartshorne & John Kington in first Doubles.


Three Divisions plus Junior Division, won by Ledbury Air Scouts(I remember cycling to West Malvern for match)


First Sponge, appears looked like bath sponge. Denniss Boys of Abbey Road Baptist first exponents. 

  Championships over 2 or 3 evenings at Park View Hostel



Five Division plus Junior League Sat mornings at Youth Centre Largest league ever.



Championships Saturdays & Sundays at Park View Hostel



Championships Sundays The Forum(Winter Gardens)
Over the years many
  players have gone on to become committee members Putting something back into the game may it long continue. Hon. Sec. Include:- G. T. Dormer, B. Bedford,  G. B. Ellison, S. Watkins, Alan Holmes(8 yrs.), Don. & Maxine James,  Cicely Palmer and  Richard Cullis.


Tournament Winners

Open Singles 

1945 Cpl BroomeJ. Davies1981B. ThompsonG. Collier
1946J. DaviesG. Dormer


S, PhillipsW. Ahern
1947R. VickersJ. Harding1983W. AhernL. Siket
1948No Championships held1984L. SiketG. Collier
1949P. BowlerB. Bedford1985L. SiketB. Thompson
1950J. DaviesI. Davies1986W. AhernB. Thompson
1951D. ReynoldsJ. Davies1987W. AhernR. Pratley
1952D. ReynoldsL. Hartshorne1988R. PratleyW. Ahern
1953D. ReynoldsL. Hartshorne1989R. PratleyS. Meredith
1954L. HartshorneD. Reynolds1990W. AhernD. Woodyatt
1955D. ReynoldsG. Holland1991W. AhernS. Meredith
1956D. ReynoldsG. Holland1992W. AhernM. Dicks
1957M ZangrandiD. Reynolds1993M. JonesB. Thompson
1958G. HoldenD. Reynolds1994M. JonesB. Thompson
1959G. HoldenD. Reynolds1995M. JonesW. Ahern
1960G. HoldenM. Downes1996H. JutleM. Jones
1961M. DownesB. Atyeo1997R. TillyW. Ahern
1962M. DownesG. Collier1998No Championships jeld
1963G. HollandD. Reynolds


W. Ahern                M. Keeley
1964K. HollandD. Reynolds2000D. WhiteM. Jones
1965K. HollandG. Holland2001C. NewnsD. White
1966G. HollandM. Dicks2002A. VardinajadM. Jones
1967G. CollierN. Meredith2003D. WhiteC. Hewitt
1968G. CollierD. Buston2004C. HewittJoe Higgs
1969J. StevensonM. Dicks2005Jack HiggsJoe Higgs
1970D. ReynoldsD. Aston2006D. WhiteM. Jones
1971N. BottomleyG. Collier2007C. HewittM. Jones
1972N. BottomleyG. Collier2008Jack HiggsM. Jones
1973D. BustonN. Meredith2009D. WhiteJoe Higgs
1974N. BottomleyG. Collier2010W. ChoppingD. White
1975N. BottomleyG. Collier2011M. SiketW. Chopping
1976N. BottomleyG. Collier2012M. SiketC. Hewitt
1977N. MeredithB. Thompson2013M. SiketJoe Higgs
1978W. AhernG. Collier2014W. ChoppingN. Foreshew
1979G. CollierN. Meredith2015M.SiketS. Andreev
1980G. CollierB.Thompson2016Yeh Tse NancyS. Andreev


Consolation Singles

1976B. BarwickG. Davies
1977M. BrainD. Meredith
1978B. ThompsonD. Woodyatt
1979P. MeredithS. Steen



Open Doubles
1951J. Davies/J. TrimL. Hartshorne/J. Kington
1952J. Lewis/ G. TayloeD. Reynolds/T. Shuck
1953D. Barston/L. HartshorneM. Clayton/D.Pembridge
1954T. Shuck/G. LewisL. Hartshorne/T. Jones
1955D. Reynolds/J. KingG. Lewis/C. Rowberry
1956D. Reynolds/J. KingJ. Bird/J. Shurman
1957D. Reynolds/J. KingR. Holland/G. Holroyd
1958G. Holden/G. HollandD. Reynolds/J. King
1959G. Holden/G. HollandJ. Lisseman/G. Tayloe
1960G. Holden/G. HollandD. Reynolds/T. Claytor
1961M. Downes/M. WickettsJ. Meredith/ B. McLean
1962B. Atyeo/ G. CollierM. Downes/M. Wicketts
1963G. Holland/B. AtyeoG. Collier/ M. Wicketts
1964G. Collier/ M. WickettsD. Reynolds/B. James
1965N. Meredith/ J. MeredithG. Holland/ D. Reynolds
1966G. Holland/ K. HollandG. Collier/ M. Wicketts
1967G. Collier/ M. WickettsG. Holland/ K. Holland
1968G. Collier/ M. WickettsD. Buston/M. Dicks
1969G. Collier/ M. WickettsJ. Stevenson/M. Dicks
1970D. Aston/J. KingN. Meredith/ J. Meredith
1971J. Stevenson/M. DicksG. Collier/ M. Wicketts
1972B. Thompson/D. BustonG. Collier/ M. Wicketts
1973G. Collier/ G. HollandJ. Stevenson/M. Dicks
1974B. Thompson/D. BustonG. Collier/D. Reynolds
1975G. Collier/D. ReynoldsB. Thompson/D. Buston
1976B. Thompson/D. BustonJ. Stevenson/M. Dicks
1977G. Collier/D. ReynoldsJ. Ahern/B. Powell
1978G. Collier/D. ReynoldsR. Crump/M. Dicks
1979G. Collier/D. ReynoldsP. Meredith/J. King
1980R. Crump/M. DicksD. Woodyatt/D. James
1981G. Collier/J. StevensonJ. Ahern/S. Meredith
1982W. Ahern/B. ThompsonP. Bunclark/S. Philips
1983P. Ashcroft/L. SiketM. Dicks/ S. Philips
1984L. Siket/D. SmithW. Ahern/B. Thompson
1985W. Ahern/P. AshcroftB. Thompson/N. Thompson
1986W. Ahern/P. AshcroftB. Thompson/N. Thompson
1987N. Meredith/ S. MeredithW. Ahern/P. Ashcroft
1988W. Ahern/B. PowellR. Page/A. Salisbury
1989R.Pratley/P. AshcroftN. Meredith/ S. Meredith
1990N. Meredith/ S. MeredithR. Page/A. Salisbury
1991J. Ahern/D. WoodyattR. Page/A. Salisbury
1992N. Meredith/ S. MeredithP. Meredith/W. Ahern
1993P. Meredith/W. AhernN. Meredith/ S. Meredith
1994B. Thompson/M. KeeleyD. Woodyatt/A. Salisbury
1995D. Kloss/M. JonesR. Page/D. Woodyatt
1996W. Ahern/M. KeeleyD. Woodyatt/A. Salisbury
1997W. Ahern/M. KeeleyM. Jones/M. Harris
1998No Championships held
1999A. Salisbury/I. BellR. Page/D. Woodyatt
2000S. Humphrys/M. JonesA. Salisbury/I. Bell
2001C. Newns/P. ChildsC. Hewitt/J. Ahern
2002C. Hewitt/J. AhernL. Franklin/N. Foreshew
2003D. White/A.SalisburyR. Page/D. Woodyatt
2004D. White/A.SalisburyC. Hewitt/ G. Thompson
2005C. Hewitt/ G. ThompsonM. Keeley/N. Foreshew
2006D. White/A.SalisburyC. Hewitt/ G. Thompson
2007D. White/A.SalisburyJoe Higgs/ M. Keeley
2008C. Hewitt/ G. ThompsonD. White/A.Salisbury
2009Joe Higgs/ M. KeeleyD. White/A.Salisbury
2010Joe Higgs/ M. KeeleyD. White/A.Salisbury
2011D. White/A.SalisburyB. Brining/M. Siket
2012C. Hewitt/ G. ThompsonN. Foreshew/H. Jutle
2013B. Brining/M. SiketN. Foreshew/C. Preece
2014N. Foreshew/C. PreeceC. Hewitt/ G. Thompson



Ladies Singles
1977P. HubbardP. Ward
1978Sarah ParryM. Burton
1979Annette SneeJen Ahern
1980Annette SneeBeryl Holland
1981Debbie HoughA. Lucas
1982Janet HuntAnnette Snee
1983Annette SneeDebbie Hough
1984Janet HuntBeryl Holland
1985Janet HuntSheila Foley
1986Janet HuntCarol Milnes
1987Carol MilnesSarah Davies
1988Janet HuntCarol Milnes
1989Janet HuntCarol Milnes
1990Beryl HollandSteph Wren
1991Beryl HollandMary Wood
1992Beryl HollandGroup format
  - 1995
No Competition
1996Beryl ShammonPauline Homer
1997Janet HuntBeryl Shammon
1998No Championships held
1999Beryl ShammonElaine Mills
2000Clare NewnsBeryl Shammon
2001Clare NewnsElaine Mills
2002Beryl ShammonElaine Mills
2003Beryl ShammonGroup format
2004Beryl ShammonCollette James
2005Ann BarnesBeryl Shammon
2006Ann BarnesBeryl Shammon
2007Ann BarnesCarol Milnes
2008Ann BarnesCollette James
2009Ann BarnesCollette James
2010Ann BarnesBeryl Shammon
2011Ann BarnesLiz Hallam
2012Ann BarnesLyn Davies
2013Ann BarnesLiz Hallam
2014Ann BarnesCollette James



Mixed Doubles
2006Ann Barnes/Jack HiggsLizzie Gorton/Dave White
2007Ann Barnes/Jack HiggsCarol Milnes/Harry Jutle
2008Ann Barnes/Jack HiggsCollette James/Charlie Burford
2009Ann Barnes/Nigel ForeshewEllie Ginn/Dave White
2010Ann Barnes/Nigel ForeshewLiz Hallam/Dave Hallam
2011Ann Barnes/Nigel ForeshewLiz Hallam/Dave Hallam
2012Ann Barnes/Nigel ForeshewBeryl Shammon/Michael Siket
2013Ann Barnes/Nigel ForeshewBeryl Shammon/Michael Siket
2014Ann Barnes/Nigel ForeshewJude Tyson/Graham Thompson


Veteran Singles Over 40

1976Derek ReynoldsJohn King
1977John KingDerek Reynolds
1978Bill NelsonJohn Meredith
1979John KingDerek Reynolds
1980Neville MeredithBrian Thompson
1981Brian ThompsonNeville Meredith
1982Neville MeredithBrian Thompson
1983Neville MeredithMalcolm Dicks
1984Brian ThompsonDerek Reynolds
1985Brian ThompsonMalcolm Dicks
1986Malcolm DicksBrian Thompson
1987Malcolm DicksNeville Meredith
1988Malcolm DicksJohn Meredith
1989Neville MeredithMalcolm Dicks
1990Brian ThompsonNeville Meredith
1991Will AhernMalcolm Dicks
1992Will AhernMalcolm Dicks
1993Will AhernBrian Thompson
1994Brian ThompsonJim Ahern
1995Will AhernRay Page
1996Dave WoodyattNeville Meredith
1997Will AhernHarry Jutle
1998No Championships held
1999Dave WoodyattHarry Jutle
2000Dave WoodyattGavin Oseman
2001Alan SalisburyDave Woodyatt
2002Dave WoodyattAlan Salisbury
2011Dave WhiteNigel Foreshew
2012Chris HewittWayne Chopping
2013Chris HewittNigel Foreshew
2014Chris HewittWayne Chopping


Veterans Singles Over 50

2003Mike WheatleyRay Page
2004Bob TrimbleMike Wheatley
2005Dave WoodyattMike Wheatley
2006Dave WoodyattHarry Jutle
2007Dave WoodyattHarry Jutle
2008Brian KitchenerDave Woodyatt
2009Dave WoodyattJim Ahern
2010Harry JutleDave Woodyatt



Super Vets Over 60’s   Singles
1994Derek ReynoldsNorman Taylor
1995Derek ReynoldsBeryl Shammon
1996John MeredithDerek Reynolds
1997John MeredithPeter Hutchenson-France
1998No Championships held
1999Derek ReynoldsDavid Backhurst
2000Norman MerchantNeville Meredith
2001Neville MeredithDerek Reynolds
2002Norman MerchantJohn Meredith
  - 2012
No competition
2013Trevor DaviesRay Page
2014Trevor DaviesGeoff Woodward



Junior Singles
1958M. DownesP. Pedlingham1987R. PratleyT. Murphy
1959M. DownesC. Smith1988R. PratleyJ. Gagen
1960G. CollierR. Crump1989N. CoustonS. Barlow
1961G. CollierR. Crump1990M. GagenN. Warner
1962R. CrumpG. Collier1991M. GagenL. Henderson
1963R. CrumpM.   Woodhouse1992L. HendersonGroup format
1964K. SmartL. Sturge1993L. HendersonS. Jackson
1965T. WilliamsJ. Stevenson1994S. JacksonT. wren
1966T. WilliamsR. Davies1995S. JacksonL. Vaughan
1967J. StevensonB. Barwick1996S. JacksonT. wren
1968J. StevensonW. Ahern1997S. JacksonT. wren
1969K. HodgesA. Wolfendale1998No Championships held
1970D. AstonP. Johnson1999E. SugkraroekJ. Lorenzen
1971K. HodgesR. Smith2000E. SugkraroekJ. Lorenzen
1972A. ArnoldM. Claytor2001E. SugkraroekD. Smith
1973C. BrewerG. Bell2002Joe HiggsA. Wiseman
1974D. MeredithC. Brewer2003Joe HiggsD. Smith
1975D. MeredithM. Denniss2004Joe HiggsD. Smith
1976S. MeredithD. Meredith2005Jack HiggsA. Wiseman
1977A. BornS. Meredith2006Jack HiggsM. Griffiths
1978N. FennS. Meredith2007Jack HiggsB. Salisbury
1979N. FennS. Meredith2008Jack HiggsC. Preece
1980S. MeredithA. Born2009C. PreeceO. Farr
1981D. HoughA. Snee2010S. MasonR. Brittain
1982M. SneeM. Marks2011M. SiketM. Hodges
1983L. SiketP. Ashcroft2012M. SiketS, Mason
1984D. KlossM. Jones2013M. SiketM. Hodges
1985R. PratleyM. Gibson2014Ethan WebbDominic Weston
1986R. PratleyM. Keeley


Junior Girls Singles 

1999Ellie GinnLucy Groves
2000Lucy GrovesNatasha Haywood
2001Lucy GrovesEllie Ginn
2002Alison SageCerian Lang


Cadet Singles

1999Adrian UrenAlan Uren
2000James ClarkDavid Smith
2001Joe HiggsMatt Lang
2002Matt LangTom James
2003Ben SalisburyJack Higgs
2004Jack HiggsBen Salisbury
2005Jack HiggsJames Mulka
2006Craig PreeceLizzie Gorton
2007No Competition
2008Matt HodgesRory Brittain
2009Stan MasonMatt Hodges
2010Stan MasonMatt Hodges
2011Michael SiketDan Edmunds
2012Ethan WebbBen Meredith
2013Dominic WestonBen Meredith
2014Dominic WestonBen Meredith


Division One Singles

1995Mike KeeleyMike Harris
1996Mike BrownRichard Smith
1997Alan SalisburyRichard Tilley
1998No Championships held
1999Mark StubbsMike Harris
2000Dave WhiteDave Woodyatt
2001Pete ChildsChris Hewitt
2002No Competition
2003Paul ColemanJoe Higgs
2004Joe HiggsChris Hewitt
2005Joe HiggsNigel Foreshew
2006Wayne ChoppingAlan Salisbury
2007Wayne ChoppingJoe Higgs
2008Wayne ChoppingMark Jones
2009Joe HiggsWayne Chopping
2010Joe HiggsWayne Chopping
2011Michael SiketJoe Higgs
2012Michael SiketChris Hewitt
2013Jack HiggsCraig Preece
2014Chris HewittNigel Foreshew


Division Two Singles

1990Mike KeeleyDarren Woodhouse
1991Martin SneeTom Palmer
1992Dave EltonJames Palmer
1993Vic FramptonJames Palmer
1994Dave WhiteMike Brown
1995Dave WhiteChris Jones
1996Harry JutleMartin Snee
1997Mark StubbsKen Hipwell
1998No Championships held
1999Pete GriffithsChris Jones
2000Pete GriffithsTrevor Davies
2001Nick PricePete Griffiths
2002Abu VardinejadDave De Souza
2003Nick PriceDavid Elliott
2004Jack HiggsNick Price
2005Mark GriffithsColin Dolding
2006Paul ColemanRichard Smith
2007Brett BriningMike Wheatley
2008Richard SmithColin Dolding
2009Craig PreeceColin Dolding
2010Steve MulkaJohn Phillips
2011Craig PreeceToby Wren
2012John PhillipsRay Davies
2013Matt LangMartin Snee
2014Martin SneeToby Wren


Division Three Singles

1990Neil GladwinJolyon Haywood
1991Jolyon HaywoodRoy Holland
1992Ian WalwynDave Hayes
1993Jolyon HaywoodNick Haggar
1994Chris JonesJames Palmer
1995Martin BirbeckNick Haggar
1996David BackhurstMax Davidson
1997Peter Hutchenson-FranceNick Haggar
1998No Championships held
1999Trevor DaviesPaul White
2000David ElliottEak Sugkraroek
2001Kevin HowardEd Palmer
2002Joe HiggsAnthony Wiseman
2003John HuntMatt Lang
2004Mark GriffithsRay Davies
2005Richard CullisTed Cates
2006Craig PreeceLizzie Gorton
2007Richard CullisJames Mulka
2008Oliver FarrBryan Farr
2009Ray DaviesAlan Forsdike
2010-2013No competition
2014Andrew BanksBen Meredith


Division Four Singles

1994Ted AndrewsMark Stubbs


Division Two Doubles

1999K. Hipwell/P. GriffithsM. Wheatley/R. Cooke
2000D. Hallam/J. DykeG. Brett/P. White
2001K. Hipwell/P. GriffithsM. Snee/J. Meredith
2002P. Coleman/ S.FarrA. Vardinejad/C. Pitt
2003P. Griffiths/S. MorganB. Atyeo/M. Snee
2004N. Price/R. HolroydJack Higgs/A. Wiseman
2005M. Griffiths/M. LangC. Daniels/R. Owens
2006N. Meredith/R. SmithD. Hallam/J. Dyke
2007S. Baker/T. BirchB. Brining/D. Elliott
2008J. Ahern/C. HughesD. Knowles/B. Kitchener
2009B. Brining/D. ElliottC. Dolding/J. Palmer
2010M. Hodges/S. MasonJ. Mulka/S. Mulka
2011K. Hipwell/ M. SneeJ. Mulka/S. Mulka
2012R. Cullis/R. DaviesL. Davies/C. Field
2013N. Haggar/M LangM. Snee/T. Wren
2014R Bennett/S HarrisonM. Snee/T. Wren


Division Three Doubles

1999T. Wrenn/T. DaviesS. Hughes/C. Hughes
2000E. Sugkraroek/J. LorenzenP. Harrold/J. Palmer
2001Jack Higgs/M. LangA. Forsdyke/E. palmer
2002Joe Higgs/M. LangR.Cullis/E. Plamer
2003Jack Higgs/A. WisemanJ. Hunt/D. Craddock
2004D. James/M. GriffithsR.Cullis/E. Plamer
2005S. Mulka/R. CookR.Cullis/E. Plamer
2006K. Howard/R. ReddenW. Smith/C. Preece
2007T. Cates/A. ForsdikeJ. Mulka/S. Mulka
2008B. Farr/M. FarrT. Cates/A. Forsdike
2009J. Mulka/S.MulkaS.Lindner/B. Smith
2014B Meredith/D WestonE Gear/W Jones





Interdivisional Doubles


2011E Cates/M. KeeleyE. Palmer/D. White
2012D. Bradley/C. PreeceT. James/M. Snee
2013W. Jones/N. ForeshewR. Davies/T. Wren
2014W. Jones/A. MarshallE Gear/ G Thompson
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