Charity Shield and Charity Plate

Organisers: Andrea Kennedy, Diane Ashford & Bob Mitchell

Click on the following link to download a copy of the Charity Shield/Plate scorecard

Charity Shield or Plate Scorecard.pdf

See below for full draw:

(1) Home team secretaries must (except in note 2 below) contact the away team secretary to confirm the match

(2) Where a team still has an outstanding match to be played, the winning team secretary MUST contact their next round opponent’s team secretary to advise them whom they are playing. The relevant home team secretary may use this contact as confirmation of match.

(3) Could all team secretaries please try and play matches on the due date, otherwise it causes problems with later scheduled rounds.

In all cases, the first named team is the home team.

Rules of the Handicap Cup & Plate Competitions

1. Each team shall consist of 3 members selected from the players listed on the handicap

sheet issued by the Match Secretary. All players named on the list will have

played in at least 3 league matches. However, it is possible that a player not listed has

played in sufficient matches to qualify for a handicap. In this case, the General Secretary or Match Secretary

can issue a handicap but he/she must be contacted at least 24 hours in advance.

2. In exceptional circumstances, additional players may be given handicaps at the discretion

of the General Secretary or Match Secretary.

3. The home team MUST confirm the fixture with the away team. Home team

captains must not assume that the opponents will turn up on the home team’s

normal home night.

4. Each match must be played during the designated week. In exceptional circumstances,

a match can be played during the following week but permission must first be

obtained from the Match Secretary.

5. Each player of one team plays against each player of the other team. There is no

doubles so 9 sets will be played in total.

6. If the handicap of BOTH players is 10 or over, the best of 3 games up to 31 points

are played, starting at each player's handicap.

7. If the handicap of EITHER player is less than 10, only one game is played up

to 31 points, starting at each player's handicap, except if either player has a negative


If say player A has a handicap of -10 and player B a handicap of 22, only one game is

played, starting at 0-22 with player A needing to score 41 points to win before player

B reaches 31 points.

8. There is no deuce so the first player to reach 31 points (or in the case of a player having a negative handicap, the adjusted figure - see note 7) wins the game.

9. The result must be sent to the Match Secretary as soon as possible after the match

by the winning team.

10. Teams who have played and lost in the preliminary and first round of the Cup

competition will be eligible for the Plate competition.

Individual Handicaps:

Any player without a handicap must obtain a handicap by contacting Fixture Secretary Diane Ashford.

Note: Individual handicaps may be adjusted at any time, if a player's handicap is not considered representative of their current playing standard.

The following list of handicaps represent those teams who have paid to enter, and players who have played the requisite 3 matches.


Albert 1

Alexander, Duncan          -2

Khan, Munam                  -12

Wilson, Andrew                0

Singh-Bhaker, Paul           5

Day, David                        -12

Eglese, David                     6

Albert 2

Barber, Nick                        9

Haggerty, Patrick              11

Johnson, Allan                   11

Bevan, Jonathan                 5


Albert Steptoes

Dale, Robert                       13

Monteiro, Myron               10

Summers, Phil                   10

Wong, Andrew                   11

Albert Snape                      12

Dominic Broadhurst         13


Affinity 1             

Fabola, Ade                       -14

Meredith, Darryl               -14

Wojciak, Arek                      -8

Zubets, Yaroslav               -17


Affinity 2             

Apostologianni Konstantina 3

Clarkson, Philip                 -6

Davies, Andrew               -12

Ross, Mark                          7

Rutherford, Helen             6


Affinity 3             

Furman, Wojciech             -7

Hannah, John                     0

Nanton, Earl                       0

Rafiq, Muazzam                -5


Birley Moss 1

Ahmed, Nadeem             -7

Benjamin, Miles               -10

Chin, Kyan                         -18


Birley Moss  2

Ahmed, Kaleem                5

Chambers, Nesta              5

Hadfield, Duncan              0


Birley 3

Blaylock, John                    13

Eastman, Chetwyn             6

Ji, Emma                              9

Spencer, Owen                  11 7

Riding, Jason                      14 8

East Manchester Falcons

Douglas, Peter                   6

Georgescu, Vlad               11

Sanders, John                     3

Vaughan, Tim                    -2

Steven Gallagher              10


Charity Shield Draw                          

Preliminary (w/c 10th Dec)                 2nd Round (w/c Part 10th/part 17th)              Semi- Final                                

 (a) Albert 2nd v Birley Moss 3rd (6-3)  (c) Birley Moss 1st(scratched) v Albert 2nd  

                                                                                                                                  (g) Albert 2nd v Albert 1st (4-5)

                                                                    (d) Affinity 3rd v Albert 1st (4-5)


(b) EM Falcons v Albert Steptoes(6-3)  (e) Affinity 1st v EM Falcons (5-3)

                                                                                                                                 (h) Affinity 1st  v Affinity 2nd (5-1)

                                                                    (f) Affinity 2nd v Birley Moss 2nd (7-2)


Charity Plate Draw                                                                     Final

(a) Affinity 3rd v Birley Moss 3rd ( 5-4)

                                                                                           Affinity 3rd v Albert Steptoes

(b) Albert Steptoes v Birley Moss 2nd                                                                                                                                                           (Birley Moss Scratched)                                                                                                                                                                                     


























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