Divisional Cup Starts Next week

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Next week is the first week of the Divisional Cup, and as this was only in division 1 last year I wanted to clarify the competition so everyone is clear. ( I have had a few queries regarding this competition especially from Division 2 teams )

Each team in the division play each other once in 6 singles and 3 doubles, a total of 9 points available on the night, and like in the normal league rubbers won will be the amount of points, and therefore end of the season team which has won most rubbers win the Divisional Cup league. I attatch a Ranking Sheet , the order the names appear on this ranking sheet is very important as this is the order you will put your names on the scorecard. for example the highest ranked player is number 1 and the weakest ranked is number 3. This competition also has its own score card. ( this was given at the Autumn cup, but I also enclose a pdf copy )

Handicap ratings 2015 - Divisional Cup & Shippam Shield.pdf

Mansfieldm Div1 Cup Score Card Straight Down 2014 colour.pdf

Because each player plays 2 Single matches and 2 Doubles matches, and therefore in the singles the No 1 ranked player will play only the No1 and No2 ranked player of the opposition, the No2 ranked player will play No1 & No3 ranked player of the opposition and No3 ranked player will play the No2 & No3 ranked player.

As an Example you will see Boothy’s team Clarke, Chadwick & Angus are all ranked the same letter T, but for the purposes of the Divisional Cup placing on the Scorecard you must go in the order they are listed so therefore Clarke would be 1, Chadwick 2 & Angus 3.

This tournament got a good response last year and people enjoyed playing it, so I hope it will be the same this year too.

You may also notice on the 365 website when you go into fixtures and results on the left you have the normal league 2015-16 league, but on the right you have 2015-16 Div Cup, format exactly the same so you can see fixs, results, averages etc..

If you have any further queries please contact myself or Joe who will try to help

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