Match Reports Week 7 2015

Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2015/16 Winter Season

Week Commencing 9th November 2015

MATCH WEEK 7 Results

Division 1 

1.       Riots beat Rhinos – 10-0 – POM – Simon Chatterton

2.       Jacksdale B  beat Jacksdale A – 8-2 – POM – Kalpesh Bhatt

3.       Jacksdale C beat Boothys – 9-1 – POM – Mick Pinegar

4.       Zygabyte A beat Zygabyte B – 10-0 – POM – Bob Hume



                                                P             Pts

1. Zygabyte A                     5              41          

2. Riots                                 5              34

3. Jacksdale B                     5              33


Ravenshead Riots Provisionally go top has Zygabyte A do not play until Thursday, when they beat Ravenshead Rhinos 10-0.

Simon Chatterton was awarded POM , but all 3 Riots ( Simon along with Kerry Harvey & Matt Fowkes ) all were commanding on the night.

Simon didn't lose and end, Kerry lost just 1 end to Richard Robinson, Matt Fowkes lost 3 ends - 2 to Steve Scott and 1 to Richard Robinson.

Riots are looking strong and probably they main opposition for the favourites Zygabyte A

Jacksdale B provisionally move up to 2nd 1 point off the lead with an 8-2 victory over local Rivals Jacksdale A.

Kalpesh Bhatt (POM) & Ker-Wei Chien both unbeaten on the night backed up by Russ Stevens who won 2 losing out to Zak Melrose of Jacksdale A for the clean sweep.

Zak on the night put up a fighting performance going to the 5th end in all his 3 matches, winning 1 but losing 2, he however partnered Malc Allsop in the doubles to gain 2 points on the night.

Jacksdale A are still looking for their 1st elusive win

Jacksdale C made it 3 wins in 4 as they beat Boothys 9-1 that keeps Boothys at the bottom and moves Jacksdale C to 4th.

Mick Pinegar ( POM ) and Russ Stevens we both unbeaten however Derek Clarke of Boothys beat Glen Holmes to gain a consolation point and stop the full house by Jacksdale C.

Derek Clarke also was 2-1 up against Russ Stevens and looking to have a positive night, but Russ clinched the 4th leg 12-10 and then went on to win the match beating Derek 11-8 in the 5th.

Zygabyte A found themselves in 3rd as they didn't play their match until Thursday against club rivals Zygabyte B. Also their captain Joe Zygadlo was ill so they had to recruit in a new player to cover.

However they still won 10-0 and moved back to the top 7 points clear.

Bob Hume was player of the match only losing 1 end, backed up by Dean Brookes and new recruit Mick Pestka

Division 2

1.       Ravens drew Rebels – 5-5 – P.O.M – Andy Bunting

2.       Angels beat Hucknall 50+ – 7-3 -  P.O.M – Andy Brown

3.       Snipers beat Spin Doctors  – 10-0 – P.O.M – Tony Swain

4.       River Maun drew Jacksdale D – 5-5 – P.O.M – Hari Rampall



                                                P             Pts

1. Angels                              5              37

2. Snipers                            5              34

3. Hucknall 50+                  5              30


Boothys Ravens played out a 5-5 draw against Ravenshead Rebels.

Ravens still looking for their first win in the league this year, looked good for the win as they were 5-4 up with Andy Bunting winning all his matches and POM and Stan Zygadlo winning 2, they teamed up in the doubles and were expected to take the match 6-4.

However Mike Cohen & Fionna Ridgewell thought otherwise and dismissed the Ravens pairing in 3 ( 11-8, 11-9, 14-12) to salvage the draw and keep the Ravens from their maiden Victory.

Fionna as well as the Doubles won 2 Singles , with Mike Cohen & Val Tully both winning 1 for the Rebels.

It's rare to see a score of 18-16 this match produced it twice both involving Stan Zygadlo, when he beat Fionna Ridgwell by this score in their 2nd End, and then beat Val Tully 18-16 in their 3rd end

1st vs 2nd this week, and it was the team at the top the Ravenshead Angels that maintained their good start with a 7-3 victory over Hucknall 50+ to move them 7 points clear of Hucknall.

Andy Brown maintained is 100% record and also recorded is 3rd POM, However the other Angels 100% man Adrian Smith lost to Andy King 3-2 ( in the only match on the night to go to the 5th ) to lose his unbeaten start.

Angels are the team to beat this year in Division 2

Andy Brown (3), Adrian Smith (2), Maggie Burrows (1) & Doubles (1) for Angels

Andy King (2), John Banner (1), Roy Drew (0) for Hucknall 50+

Snipers move 2nd just 3 points off the leaders with a convincing 10-0 victory over the Spin Doctors.

Tony Swain (POM) along with Jim Westwood & Erlands Skels took the clean sweep on the night with Erlands having the biggest problem against Glyn Payne who was 2-1 up, but couldn't hold out against the latvian.

Tony Swain didn't lose a leg all night with a convincing display.

The game was played with such a good spirit between to 2 teams that started at the same time just 2 years ago

River Maun & Jacksdale D played out a 5-5 draw on Thursday night.

River Maun never in the lead on the night were 5-3 down after 8, Michael Rand beat John Smith 3-1 to give River Maun a chance of a draw. It looked like Jacksdale D was still going to take the win when Hari Rampall & John Smith went 2-0 up against Mark Sansom & Michael Rand. However the River Maun pairing dug deep and came back won the next 3 and salvaged the draw.

Hari Rampall who has made a great start to the season lost his first match in the league to Mark Sansom, despite this however he still won the Player of the Match award and can still boast an 89% win ratio.



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