Shippam Shield Round 1 2015-16

River Maun & Snipers of St Joseph’s upset the formbook in the Cup.

The Shippam Shield was played this week in the Mansfield and District Table Tennis League which is an Handicap team event of 3 players per team and each player of the team play each other in 2 games to 21 therefore 18 games. Points are totalled up and then the Handicap is applied to find the winner.

There were only 2 teams who beat a team in a higher division and they were River Maun & Snipers of St Josephs. River Maun the newest team to the league playing in the Shippam Shield for the first time convincingly beat Zygabyte B by 83 points, the giant killer was the Snipers of St Josephs who actually made the final last year,  and continued their good form in this format beating Division 1 team Ravenshead Rhinos 369-336.

Three time winners and current holders Zygabyte A beat Division 2 side Ravenshead Rebels 378-345  and will play Boothys in the next round who beat Jacksdale C by 73 points 428-355.

In the same half of the draw Ravenshead Riots beat fellow division 1 team Jacksdale A by 17 points 367-350 in a closest encounter of the week, going into the last match with the handicap applied the scores were level at 325points a piece, It was left to Simon Chatterton who beat Malcolm Allsop 21-12, 21-13 to win the match, they will River Maun in the next round.

In the other half of the draw Hucknall 50+ will meet the Snipers in the next round after they beat Jacksdale D 322-268, the final match played this week was Ravenshead Angels who are top of Division 2 and they beat Ravenshead Ravens convincingly by 88 points 374-286  and they will play the winner of Spin Doctors or Jacksdale B who had to postpone their game until next week.

Quarter-Final matches to be played week commencing 25th January 2016

Zygabyte A vs Boothys

Ravenshead Riots vs River Maun

Snipers of St Joseph’s vs Hucknall 50+

Spin Doctors vs Ravenshead Angels
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