Week 11 Report

Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2015/16 Winter Season

Week Commencing 7th December 2015

MATCH WEEK 11 Results

Division 1

1.       Jacksdale A beat Rhinos – 10-0 – P.O.M – Dave Greaves

2.       Ravenshead Riots beat Zygabyte B – 6-4 - P.O.M – Andy Thorley

3.       Jacksdale B beat Jacksdale C – 9-1 – P.O.M –

4.       Zygabyte A beat Boothys – 10-0 – P.O.M – Dean Brookes

After 5 successive losses this season Jacksdale A finally got their first win of the season and they won in style beating Ravenshead Rhino's 10-0.

David Greaves for Jacksdale A maintained his 100% record and won his 3rd POM out of 3 games.

Some good wins by Malcolm Allsop and Jonathan Heath on the night also for Jacksdale.

It looked rosy at the beginning for the Rhinos when in the first match Steve Scott went 2-0 up against Malcolm, but Malcolm found his form came back won the next 3 and Jacksdale never looked back.

Top of the table Zygabyte A beat bottom of the table Boothy's 10-0 to take a 11 point lead at Christmas over 2nd place.

Dean Brookes (POM), Joe Zygadlo & Bob Hume all won every game 3-0 on the night.

This result leaves Boothys 7 points a drift at the bottom, and they will be hoping for a much better 2016

Andy Thorley won his first POM of the season has he was the only 100% man on the night winning all his games 3-1.

This made it 5 wins out of 6 for the Riots this season and looks like it could be a straight shoot out with Jacksdale B for 2nd place has Zygabyte A are running clear at the top.

Riots were always in the lead after Simon Chatterton won the first match and with Simon winning 2 and Bill Ainsworth 1 they took a 6-3 lead going into the doubles. Zygabyte B claimed the last match in a very close fought match winning 11-8 in the 5th, to add to the single wins by Kev Cope (2) and

Dave Hodgson.


                                                P             Pts

1. Zygabyte A                     7              57

2. Jacksdale B                     7              46

3. Riots                                6              40

Division 2

1.       Snipers beat Jacksdale D – 9-1 – P.O.M – Erlands Skels

2.       Ravens beat Spin Doctors – 8-2 -  P.O.M – Andy Bunting

3.       Hucknall 50+ beat Rebels  – 10-0 – P.O.M – Dick Johnson

4.       Angels beat River Maun – 6-4 – P.O.M – Adrian Smith

Angels are top for Christmas which is quite Apt.

However Andy Brown lost his 100% record losing to Michael Rand from River Maun, what a fantastic scalp for the new league player this year. The Angels still won the match 6-4 against the 3 Michaels ( Rand, Jarunek & Matushenko) of River Maun.

I'm also very happy we had another debut in this match has Michael Matushenko ( the 12th new player this year ) and he won 1 and only narrowly lost the other 2 so looks like he's going to be a credit to the league.

Adrian Smith won POM on the night as the only person to win all his games and helped his team to a 7 point lead at the top of the league, but the team in 2nd has a game in hand.

This result puts the new team in a credible 5th place at the half way stage in their first season, and they look to be building a nice strong team.

2nd vs 3rd so it was quite a surprise when the Snipers beat Jacksdale D 9-1, to really cement the 2nd spot.

Erlands serving was very strong and the Jacksdale team had no answer has Erlands won all his games 3-0. Tony Swain also unbeaten on the night winning 2 games 3-0 and beating Billy Melrose 3-1. In the game against Billy Tony showed brilliant defence getting unbelievable shots back from the back of the room.

The only point for Jacksdale D on the night was a relatively comfortable win for Billy against Ben Swain all games being 11-7.

Although the scoreline suggests one sided, here was some real close games, none more than the first 2 ends on the night when Ben beat Hari Rampall 15-13 & 14-12, there was 8 games that went 11-9, a 12-10 and another 15-13.

The 2 teams at the bottom of the league met this week, and Boothy's Ravens finally won their first match of the season beating Spin Doctors 8-2. Andy Bunting the only person on the night to win all his games and led his team to a much needed win and a Player of the Match Performance.

The 2 wins for the Spin Doctors both came from Glyn Payne who beat Stan Zygadlo 3-1 and in the match of the night beat Chris Tilstone 3-2 with the 3rd end score a marathon 18-16 to Glyn

A great win for Hucknall 50+ as they whitewashed Ravenshead Rebels 10-0.

Dick Johnson (POM) and Andy King both were very strong winning all their games 3-0 and combining in the doubles to win that 3-0 also.

Roy Drew had a tougher night but still come through unbeaten, the toughest match was against Alan Kenyon in the very first game where they traded games until Roy won the 5th 11-4.

This puts Hucknall 50+ into 3rd place as we now have a break until Christmas.


                                                P             Pts

1. Angels                              7              50

2. Snipers                            6              43

3. Hucknall 50+                  6              40


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