Ravenshead Rascals win the Division 1 title

Ravenshead Rascals win the Division 1 title

Congratulations to the Ravenshead Rascals who have won the Division 1 title this week with their 9-1 victory over Ravenshead Riots.

The Team Captained by Mick Pestka consists of also Junior Stoddart, Adam Feargrieve, Martin Dean & Gareth Godber have dominated the league this year winning 10 out of 10 and only losing 8 ends on their way.

Rascals still have 2 games to play but with their 92 points, their closest rivals Zygabyte A after their two 7-3 victories over Jacksdale A this week have put them on 80 points with only 1 game to play, so means Rascals are Champions.

This is the 2nd time the Rascals have won the title last time being the 2011/12 season, and put a stop to Zygabytes A's dominance to the league , Zygabyte A have won 9 of the last 10 years. 

Zygabyte A will have to settle for 2nd which they have secured with their wins this week.

The Rascals have been untouchable this year winning 4 games 10-0, 4 games 9-1 & 2 games 8-2, and with Junior Stoddart and Adam Feargrieve both having an unbeaten 100% record so far for the season playing 21 & 15 games respectively, Martin Dean only losing 1 game has a 94.44%, Mick Pestka won 85.71% and Gareth Godber 80%. They also had a play up by Lisa Lewis from the Angels who played 1 match and won 66.67%.

Once again congratulations and next season should be interesting as Zygabyte A vie to get their title back. 

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