Mansfield Presentation Evening Winter Season 2014-15

Mansfield Presentation evening Winter Season 2014-15

The Mansfield and District Table Tennis Leagues Presentation night took place on Friday 24th April 2015 at the Summit Centre in Kirkby, with ladies England No 2 Kelly Sibley and men’s England No 7 Chris Doran who came to play Exhibition matches and hand out the seasons trophies.

The night was kicked off by the Chairman Brian Roddis, when he awarded the Chairman award to Roy Drew, at 84 years old Roy has played every game this season for his team Hucknall 50+ in Division 2 and winning 60% of his games and attending all the other tournaments throughout the year and making the semi-finals in the Yuletide cup and the Mick Dennis cup. Well deserved recipient and a credit to the league.

Chris Doran and Kelly Sibley then played an exhibition match followed by challengers from the league with Joe Zygadlo & Junior Stoddart both playing Chris Doran whilst Amber Zygadlo and Matt Fowkes played Kelly Sibley. All the matches were very entertaining and played in good humour for an enjoyable night.

It was then time for juniors with Jessica Melrose partnering Chris Doran played a match against Jessica’s brother Billy Melrose who partnered Kelly Sibley.  It was great to see the young kids getting a chance to play against some of the best players in the Country.

Then Chris and Kelly presented all the awards for the season and had photos with all the winners.

The season is now over and on behalf of the committee we would like to thank every player in the league for their commitment to the league and their attendance at the presentation evening with 15 of the 16 teams having representativse on the night with most having all their players attending. 



Division 1                Winners – Ravenshead Rascals                 Runners Up – Zygabyte A

Division 2                Winners – Zygabyte Old Bats                     Runners Up – Boothys

Division 1 Cup        Winners – Ravenshead Rascals                 Runners Up – Zygabyte A

Shippam Shield      Winners – Zygabyte A                                  Runners Up – New Cross Snipers

Sportmanship         Winners – Hucknall 50+

Autumn Cup            Winner – Dean Brookes                              Runner Up – Kalpesh Bhatt

Showstoppers         Winner -  Dean Brookes                              Runner Up – Tony Swain

Yuletide Cup            Winner – Andy Bunting                                Runner Up – Jim Westwood

Mick Dennis             Winner – Steve Scott                                     Runner Up -  Russell Harrison

Neil Clifton               Winner – Zak Melrose

Open Singles            Winner – Gareth Godber                             Runner Up – Dean Brookes

Div 2 Singles             Winner – Tony Swain                                    Runner Up – Erlands Skels

Veterans                   Winner – Mick Pestka                                    Runner Up – Jim Westwood

Ladies                       Winner – Amber Zygadlo                              Runner Up – Angela Brettell

Handicap                 Winner – Dean Brookes                                 Runner Up – Joe Zygadlo

Cadets                      Winner – Max Witherspoom                         Runner Up – Jack Cane

Chair Award             Winner – Roy Drew

Open Doubles          Winners – Dean Brookes / Bob Hume   

                                    Runner Up -  Mick Pestka / Gareth Godber

Div 2 Doubles           Winners – Glynn Payne / Matt Williams

                                    Runner Up – Andy Bunting / Angela Brettell

Draw Doubles           Winners – Joe Zygadlo / Dave Kelly

                                     Runner Up – Dean Brookes / Amber Zygadlo

Mixed Doubles          Winners -  Dean Brookes / Angela Brettell

                                     Runner Up – Joe Zygadlo / Amber Zygadlo

Cadet Doubles           Winner – Jonathan Heath / Jessica Melrose







Autumn Cup Winner Dean Brookes and runner up Kalpesh Bhatt

Billy Melrose - Doubles Challenge with Kelly Sibley

Cadet Doubles winners Jessica Melrose & Jonathan Heath

Chairmans Award - Roy Drew

Div 1 Cup 3rd place Ravenshead Riots

Div 1 Cup Runners Up - Zygabyte A

Div 1 Cup Winners - Ravenshead Rascals

Div 1 Winners - Ravenshead Rascals

Div 2 Doubles Runner Up - Angela Brettell & Andy Bunting

Div 2 Doubles Winner - Glyn Payne and Matt Williams ( Nigel Stent collecting award )

Div 2 Runners Up - Boothys

Div 2 Singles Winner - Tony Swain

Div 2 Winners - Zygabyte Old Bats

Division 1 Runners Up - Zygabyte A

Handiap Runner Up - Joe Zygadlow

Handicap Winner - Dean Brookes

Jessica Melrose - Doubles Challenge we Chris Doran

Ladies Winner - Amber Zygadlo and Runner Up Angela Brettell

Mick Dennis Cup Winner Steve Scott & Runner Up Russ Harrison

Mixed Doubles runner up - Joe & Amber Zygadlo

Mixed Doubles Winner - Dean Brookes & Angela Brettell

Neil Clifton Award best young player - Zak Melrose

Open Doubles - Bob Hume & Dean Brookes

Shippam Shield Runners Up - New Cross Snipers

Shippam Shield Winners - Zygabyte A

Showstoppers Winner Dean Brookes and Runner Up Tony Swain

Sportsmanship Award - Hucknall 50+

Top of Div 1 rankings - Martin Dean

True Love

Veterans Runner Up - Jim Westwood

Yuletide Cup Winner Andy Bunting and Runner up Jim Westwood








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