Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2015/16 Winter Season

Week Commencing 15th February 2016

MATCH WEEK 18 Results

Division 1


  1. Zygabyte A beat Riots – 9-1– P.O.M – Dean Brookes

  2. Jacksdale C beat Rhinos – 8-2 – P.O.M – Russ Stevens

  3. Jacksdale A beat Boothys – 8-2 – P.O.M – Dave Greaves

  4. Zygabyte B vs Jacksdale B – 0-0 – P.O.M –  AWAITING SCORECARD



    If anyone was going to stop Zygabyte A you thought it may have been one of their closest rivals the Ravenshead Riots, but Zygabyte A showed their class beating the opposition 9-1 and putting a 28 point gap between them.

    It wasn't has straight forward as the score suggests though. Joe Zygadlo for Zygabyte A had to come through 2 marathon matches against Matt Fowkes & Kerry Harvey and beating them both just 3-2, and with these 2 matches both being played with only 1 game between them, Joe admitted he was absolutely knackered but delighted with the wins. Against Kerry specifically the 3 games he won to take the match were 13-11, 13-11 & 12-10 score lines just to emphasise how close this was.

    Another good match to end the night was the doubles when Dean Brookes ( POM ) and Bob Hume came back from 2-0 down to win the doubles 3-2 against Kerry Harvey & Matt Fowkes.


    Jacksdale C continue their good form this season with an 8-2 victory over the Rhinos. Making it their 5th win out of 10 games and look consolidated in 4th position.

    Russ Stevens was the only 100% man on the night and claiming the POM and has an impressive 71% win rate this season, both team mates Glen Holmes and John Fordham both won 2.

    Rhinos remain 2nd from bottom.

    Game of the night involved Russ Stevens playing against Richard Robinson, Russ took a 2-1 lead and then Rich won a tight 4th winning it 14-12, and then the decider went even further with Russ just sneaking the match winning the final end 15-13.

    The 2 wins on the night saw Graham Smith beat Glen Holmes 3-0 and Rich Robinson beat John Fordham also 3-0.


    Another maximum from Player of the Match Dave Greaves helped give Jacksdale 'A' a comprehensive victory over bottom of the table Boothy's. Malcolm Allsop and Jonathan Heath both scored 2 wins for the home side with Derek Clarke and Stuart Chadwick both getting a consolation win for Boothy's.



                                                    P             Pts

    1. Zygabyte A                     11           91

    2. Jacksdale B                    10           67

    3. Riots                                 10           63



    Division 2


  1. Boothys Ravens drew River Maun – 5-5 – P.O.M – Mark Sansom

  2. Spin Doctors beat Rebels – 10-0 – P.O.M – Nigel Stent

  3. Angels beat Snipers – 6-4 – P.O.M – Haydn Scothern

  4. Hucknall 50+ beat Angels – 8-2 – P.O.M – Andy King

  5. Hucknall  50+ beat Jacksdale D – 9-1 – P.O.M – Dick Johnson


    Haydn Scothern played his second match in the Mansfield League and yes he only plays the Snipers, once again he won all his matches and guided the Angels to a 6-4 victory.

    Backed up by Andy Brown who also won all his games, but a fantastic doubles match saw Tony Swain & Erlands Skels beat the unbeaten pair of Haydn & Andy 11-9 in the 5th in a very close and exciting doubles match.

    This result keeps the Snipers 9 points clear at the top ( with only 2 losses all season , both to the Angels ) but Angels have a game in hand and they play 3rd placed hucknall on Weds.

    Angels deserved the win with Haydn & Andy performing excellent on the night, but Snipers not be to despondent with 6-4 loss , as earlier in the season it was 9-1


    River Maun drew with Boothys Ravens 5-5 and this is another step for the new team to the league this year on consolidating their 4th place in the league, and they will potentially be looking at being contenders next year.

    Mark Sansom the Captain once again won all his matches and won POM, Mark has an impressive 76.67% win percentage this year.

    Mark was backed up with a solitary win by Michael Jarunek, and then combined with Michael Matuschenko to win the doubles in the 5th end, to bring home the draw. Michael Matuschenko came and just played in the doubles and the tactic seemed to have worked.

    For the Ravens Stan Zygadlo & Chris Tilstone both won 2, with Andy Bunting winning 1.

    Probably the crucial match was with Boothys winning 5-3, Andy Bunting played Mark Sansom, and a win would win the match for his team, Andy went behind quite convincingly losing the first 2 11-5 & 11-3. Andy however fought back and won the next 2 14-12 & 11-8 and with the momentum went 9-7 up in the 5th and looked on course to win, Mark Sansom however dug deep and managed to win the final end 12-10.


    Angels played their second match this week against their nearest 2 rivals, and after beating the Snipers 6-4 they come against a good Hucknall 50+ team that won tonight 8-2.

    Even with this loss Angels are 9 points clear of Hucknall, but Hucknall have a game in hand, the snipers are 7 points clear of the Angels at the top.

    The first match was a clash of the titans, Andy King vs Andy Brown, both players have only lost 1 match all season, but the 1 match Andy King lost was actually to Andy Brown. Andy King got his revenge beating Andy Brown 3-1.

    Andy Brown won his other 2 matches but these were the only points for the Angels on the night as they suffer only their second defeat of the season.

    John Banner for Hucknall also took Andy Brown close, but Andy managed to beat John 11-9 in the 5th.

    Andy King was POM and keeps his team in the hunt for promotion.



    Spin Doctors moved off bottom spot and leap frogged their opposition the Ravenshead Rebels after a convincing 10-0 win.

    Unfortunately the Rebels could only field 2 players and it was also Bill Davison's first match of the season. However the Spin Doctors produced solid displays to get the whitewash.

    Bill offered resistance taking games off Glyn Payne & Ralph Rodda, but the closest game of the night was Val Tully & Glyn Payne which went to the final 5th end, but Glyn managed to win that 11-6 to beat Val 3-2.

    A Good week for Hucknall 50+ as they beat title rivals Angels 8-2 on Weds and then followed this up with a 9-1 victory over Jacksdale D on Friday night. These results put them joint Second with the Angels and just 7 points off the top. All teams have 3 games left to play.

    Captain Dick Johnson was quite dominant winning all his games 3-0 and deservedly winning POM, this was backed up by Andy King who won all his matches also.

    The only joy for Jacksdale D was John Smith who beat Roy Drew 3-1 to get something from the night.



                                                P             Pts

1. Snipers                            11           80

2. Angels                             11           73

3. Hucknall 50+                  11           73


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