Week 20 Results Report

Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2015/16 Winter Season

Week Commencing 29th February 2016

MATCH WEEK 20 Results

Division 1 Divisional Cup

Zygabyte A beat Rhinos – 8-1– P.O.M – Bob Hume

Jacksdale B beat Riots – 8-1 – P.O.M – Simon Chatterton

Jacksdale C beat Jacksdale A – 9-0 – MATCH CONCEDED

Zygabyte B beat Boothys – 5-4 – P.O.M –  Kev Cope


Zygabyte A beat Ravenshead Rhino 8-1 and in turn took the Divisional Cup title with a match to spare.

Zygabyte A have remained unbeaten and only lost 4 games in all the matches. Bob Hume was POM with both Dean Brookes and Joe Zygadlo also winning their singles.

All Matches were 3-0 except the game between Russ Harrison & Joe, with Russ winning the 3rd 11-8.


Ravenshead Riots put a big dent in Jacksdale B's chance of Runner Up in the Divisional Cup league beating them 8-1.

Jacksdale B are still in 2nd but have played more games than everyone else so could easily be swallowed up.

Riots went into a 3-0 lead winning all the games 3-0. Russ Webster for Jacksdale B then gave them the only resistance on the night coming back from 2-1 down against Andy Thorley.

Kerry Harvey of the Riots also came back from 2-1 to beat Ker-Wei Chien, and then teamed up with Simon Chatterton ( who was player of the match on the night ) in an another 5 set decider win over Ker-Wei & Russ Webster.

The final game even though the match was over was another exciting match, with Kerry & Andy beating Russ & Paul again in 5, and the 3rd game was a massive 18-16 win for the Riots pair.

Riots move up to 4th, and with still 3 games to play, could make a push for the second spot now after this result.

Zygabyte B only turned up with 2 players against Boothys, and in the Divisional Cup format started 4-0 behind.

However the pairing of Amber Zygadlo and Kev Cope (POM) won all the 5 matches played and took the match winning 5-4.

Match between Jacksdale C & Jacksdale A was Conceded by Jacksdale A and gave Jacksdale C a big boost in their bid for second place. 


                                                P             Pts

1. Zygabyte A                     6              50

2. Jacksdale B                    6              30

3. Jacksdale C                    5              27

Division 2 Divisional Cup

  1. Spin Doctors beat River Maun – 5-4 – P.O.M – Mark Sansom

  2. Snipers beat Rebels – 6-3 – P.O.M – Erlands Skels

  3. Angels beat Jacksdale D – 5-4 – P.O.M – Adrian Smith

  4. Boothys Ravens beat Hucknall 50+ - 5-4 –P.O.M – Andrew King


    Snipers stay top with a 6-3 victory over 3rd placed Ravenshead Rebels, and Move 3 points clear at the top with a 1 match to play in the divisional cup.

    Apart from Laurence Taylor for the Rebels beating Dean Marsh 3-0, it was relatively straight forward as the Snipers took a 5-1 lead. But then the Rebels won 2  five set deciders over the next 2 games,

    Firstly Val Tully beat Dean Marsh 17-15 in the 5th set marathon, in a ding dong battle that could have gone either way, and then Mike Cohen beat Tony Swain 11-9 in the 5th set also.

    At 5-3 Erlands Skels ( who was Player of the match, winning both his singles and both his doubles ) teamed up with Dean and beat Laurence & Val 3-1, to take the match 6-3.


    A very close game between the Spin Doctors and River Maun. With Spin Doctors winning 5-4, this result however still keeps River Maun in 2nd, 3 points off the leaders with just 1 game remaining.

    Started off with a real close battle between Ralph Rodda & Glyn Payne of the Spin Doctors vs Mark Sansom & Michael Jarunek, it went to the 5th set, and River Maun won in a tense 14-12 victory.

    Nigel Stent and then Ralph Rodda made it 2-1 up to the Doctors.

    Glyn Payne beat Michael Rand in the 5th set decider 11-7, but then Mark Sansom who was the Player of the Match beat Nigel 13-11 again in the 5th set decider.

    They traded blows and they were left level after 8, and it was Nigel & Glynn who eat the 2 Michael's to take the match 5-4.


    Ravenshead Angels only turned up with 2 players in this Divisional Cup match against Jacksdale D. so started 4-0 down in a 9 game match, however Adrian Smith (POM ) and Andy Brown the 2 players for the Angels were to good for Jacksdale D and won the 5 games that were played and won the match 5-4.


    Hucknall 50+ and Boothy's Ravens had a real close battle, with the score in games never being more that one in it, Ravens won the final doubles 3-1 to take the match 5-4.

    Ravens still have an outside chance of winning the Div Cup as they have a game in hand and are 9 points off the top, so a 9-0 victory in their next would put  them joint top.

    Andy King was POM winning both his games. and Hucknall actually won the singles 4-2, but the Ravens won the 3 double encounters and that made the difference.




                                                    P             Pts

    1. Snipers                            6              33

    2. River Maun                    6              30

    3. Rebels                             6              28


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