WEEK 3 Results and Reports

Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2017/18 Winter Season

Week Commencing  9th October 2017


MATCH WEEK 3 Results

Division 1

  1. Jacksdale B  beat Rhinos -  9-1 – P.O.M –  Russ Stevens

  2. Jacksdale A beat  Snipers A – 6-4 – P.O.M –  Rob Vaughan


    Jacksdale B got a comfortable 9-1 victory over promoted team Ravenshead Rhinos. Russ Stevens was POM with three 3-0 victories, Glen Holmes also got a full house with three 3-1 victories. The only resistance on the night was when Steve Scott beat  John Fordham. This result provisionally puts Jacksdale B to the top of the table.


    Rob Vaughan made his Div 1 debut for the Snipers and coped with the move up with a fantastic performance winning all of his 3 singles and the doubles with Ben Swain, but still it wasn’t’ enough to help the Snipers get a win over Jacksdale A.

    This Match could’ve swung either way with Jim Westwood and Ben both having very close matches with Malc Allsop and Russ Webster, but Malc & Russ managed to get over the line in these 4 close matches. Nigel Parlor eased past Jim & Ben but Rob managed to beat him in 5.

    In the doubles Nigel & Malc went 2-0, but the battling pair of Rob & Ben did a great comeback to make the score reasonable on the night.



                                                    P             Pts

    1. Jacksdale A                    2              14

    2. Jacksdale B                     2              11

    3. Zygabyte B                     1              9



    Division 2


  1. Snipers B drew Jug & Glass – 5-5 - P.O.M –  James Owen

  2. Rattlers beat Marksmen A  – 6-4 - P.O.M –  Andy Kirkland

  3. Hucknall 50+ beat Rebels – 9-1 - P.O.M – Roy Drew

  4. Hucknall 50+ vs Jacksdale C – 0-0 – P.O.M – POSTPONED

  5. Ravensdale beat Rebels – 7-3 – P.O.M – Stuart Chadwick


    A great battle saw Snipers B and Jug & Glass fight out a 5-5 draw and probably the correct result on the night. It was also great to see a new debutant for the Snipers Andy Vinson who won 2 of 3 games and also combined in a vital doubles victory for his team. James Owen for Jug & Glass was the POM winning all his games and helping drag his team from 3-1 down to 5-3 ahead. Snipers Capt Dean Marsh beat Steve Oravecz 3-1 to give them a chance of a draw. And Dean partnered new player Andy as they beat James and Richard Cain 11-7 in the 5th game decider to get the draw.


    Roy Drew for Hucknall does it year after year and got POM in a convincing 9-1 victory over the rebels. Roy did not lose an end, and Nathan Hollingworth continued his early season form winning all his 3 also. The only game dropped on the night was when Andy King lost 3-1 to Rebels Capt Mike Cohen.

    Once again it’s great to see a new player making his debut John King for the Rebels.


    Ravenshead Rattlers continued there good start with a win over the team 2 of them played for last year Ravenshead Marksmen beating them 6-4.

    It was close encounter with ex-Marksmen Tony Draycott Alan Kenyon both winning 2 for the Rattlers and Mitch Radford ( making his debut in the Mansfield League ) and Andy Kirkland (POM) both winning 2 for the Marksmen. Alan Kenyon beat Chris Tilstone in 5 coming from 2-1 to give the Rattlers the edge going into the doubles. Mick & Alan for the Rattlers beat Mitch and Andy again in 5 coming from 2-1 behind to take a close fought  6-4 victory.


    A maximum from Player of the Match Stuart Chadwick helped Ravensdale to victory over Ravenshead Rebels. Derek Clarke won 2 of his matches for the home team with all 3 of the Rebels team winning one match. Stuart then teamed up with Rod Sampson for a doubles win to give Ravensdale a 7-3 victory, their first of the season.



                                                    P             Pts

    1. Rattlers                            3              19

    2. Jacksdale C                     2              17

    3. Hucknall 50+                  2              15



    Div 1 Div Cup

    Mon 16th Oct – Snipers A  vs Jacksdale B

    Thurs 19th Oct – Zygabyte B vs Rangers


    Div 2 Div Cup

    Tues 17th Oct – Jug & Glass vs Snipers B

    Weds 18th Oct – Hucknall 50+ vs Rattlers

    Thurs 19th Oct – Ravensdale vs Rebels

    Postponed - Marksmen vs Jacksdale C & Rhinos vs Zygabyte A

    Blank week  Jacksdale A & Spin Doctors

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