Charles Stampe Handicap Trophy - Revised rules 2017-2018

  1. The match will comprise of nine singles games (all play all).

  2. Each game shall consist of two legs played up to 21 (with no deuce) starting at 0-0

  3. Service changes whenever the aggregate points scored is divisible by 2.

  4. To obtain the handicap for each game: Subtract the lower player's handicap from the higher player's handicap to get the 'Difference' in the table below.

  5. Add the handicap to the score of the player with the higher handicap for that game.              


Player A has a handicap of 4.             

Player B has a handicap of 16.         

This gives a group Difference of 12.   Add 24 points to player B's score for that game.

The winning team shall be the one with the highest aggregate points over the nine games.     

In the event of a tied match each team shall nominate one player to play a deciding singles

Consisting of one leg only. The appropriate handicap for an individual leg shall be applied at the start.                                       

For example above: start at 0-12.  The winner shall be the first player to reach 21 points or gain a two point lead if the score is 20-20.




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