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October 2020

League Season 2020-2021 Playing Guidelines

·        No one should enter the venue if they or anyone in their household has COVID 19 symptoms.

·        Players’ names and contact details must be recorded by the home team on the match scorecard.  This information should be kept for 21 days.

·        If any player develops COVID 19 symptoms within seven days of the match they must contact the home team and the League’s COVID 19 compliance officer – Trevor Towers

·        The home team must provide sanitiser and each person entering the premises must use it on entry to the premises.

·        Before games proceed only two players may practice/knock at any one time.

·        The ball must be wiped and sanitised when players change with soapy water.

·        Players and umpires must not shake hands before during or after games.

·        2m social distancing must be maintained between players.  There must be adequate space for the social distancing of those who are not playing.

·        When not playing masks or face coverings must be worn at all times.

·        Venue to be kept well ventilated, with any ventilation system kept on and/or windows/doors remaining open wherever possible. Venues should aim to turn any ventilation on and open any windows or doors at least 15 minutes before player arrival. If a venue has no ventilation system or windows and doors that can be left open, this would be difficult to maintain air flow and air quality. Time spent in that indoor space in that instance should be restricted to no more than 30 minutes without ventilation.

·        Anyone accompanying players will be counted in the bubble of six so will need to wait outside the venue. If there is a vulnerable adult or child that requires adult supervision, then this should be prearranged. The adult can stay with the vulnerable person at a 2m distance, only intervening as required to administer medication or guidance etc. In this instance, the adult would not be included within the bubble of six.

·        Players may change ends during the course of the match (updated).

·        If the umpire is a player who is scoring between their own matches, they do not have to wear a mask or face covering. If the umpire is a non-playing umpire, then they should wear a mask or face covering, but would be counted as one of the six in the bubble.  Pens/pencils should not be shared between those who are umpiring unless they are sanitised during a changeover.

·        Players should have their own equipment throughout the match and sharing should be minimised.

·        Players should be allocated their own seat for the duration of the match.

·        No refreshments will be provided by the home team and all players should make their own arrangements for drinks etc.

League Start 2020-2021

As we approach the start of the season we all have to be aware of the Covid-19 requirements when playing Table Tennis. 

1.      We intend to recommence League play from week commencing 2nd November 2020.

2.      3 players per team format and no doubles.

3.      No refreshments to be provided by the home team.

4.      Masks should be worn when not playing.

5.      Players are permitted to change ends during the match.

6.      Sanitised balls – 2 balls in use at any time - the match ball should be changed after each leg and cleaned / dried whilst the other is being used.

7.      No shaking hands.

8.      TTE rules for Covid 19 must be in place at all venues.

9.      Where possible all matches should start by 7pm, but no later than 7.30pm.

10.   At Luton Invicta and Cliffe Woods, matches MUST start by 7pm as their venues will close at 9.45pm and 10pm respectively. The score at the finish time at these venues only, will be the final score. If the opposition do not arrive in time to start the match they will concede un-played games.

11.   At all other venues matches must start by latest 7.30pm.

Two venues in particular have to close by 9.45pm and 10pm respectively (Luton Invicta and Cliffe Woods). This means players are required to start the match earlier than usual.

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